4 Things To You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaners


If you have plenty of carpets inside your household, having a dedicated carpet cleaner is an excellent addition to shorten your carpet cleaning chore. While it is true, you may still need to hire a professional carpet cleaning in Singapore, having a carpet cleaner can serve as daily maintenance for the carpet.

A frequent carpet cleaning (provided that it is done properly) can extend the lifespan of your carpet. It also helps keep away dirt and dust that can trigger allergies. If you’re planning to buy one, here are a few things to know:

Cleaning takes time

While having a carpet cleaner can shorten your work, it doesn’t mean you can rush everything and expect an immaculate carpet in just a few minutes. Even when you’re hiring carpet cleaning services in Singapore, it still takes a while for professionals to get everything done. Remember, you will have to move your furniture, grab a vacuum and fill the cleaner with solution and water.

Keep in mind that cleaners are heavier – even when empty.

If you’re going to fill these machines with cleaning solutions, it will be much heavier, adding 8 to 15 pounds.  It’s just one of the few disadvantages of having carpet cleaners you need to know. Hence, it’s a must to test the machine first before buying one.

Cleaners can also be loud.

Perhaps you might be taking a month off from hiring carpet cleaning services with a carpet cleaner and thinking it will provide a peaceful cleaning time. However, carpet cleaners can be much louder than a typical vacuum cleaning machine. Carpet cleaners on average can be as loud as 80 dB, so it’s important to wear ear protection when working with them for long periods.

Pre-vacuum is required first.

So, why vacuum your carpet first? It’s because dry soil and dirt can turn into mud when mixed with moisture. Since carpet cleaners add moisture with solution, a vacuum must go first for every cleaning process involving carpet cleaners.

If you’re looking for more reliable upholstery cleaning and carpet shampoo service in Singapore, visit the Clean Care website!

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