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Can Indoor Office Plants Transform Your Workplace?


Human lives are deeply connected to nature. Our physical and mental health is best when we are surrounded by nature. The world’s successful companies have realised this aspect a long way back and have incorporated nature in offices through green plants, courtyard landscaping, and vertical gardens. In this post, we have discussed how indoor plants can transform your workplace.

Filter Air

The primary function of plants is to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. All indoor office plants do the same job – filtering the air. In air-conditioned offices, placing plants in and around the office can reduce CO2 by 10%. In non-air-conditioned buildings, the CO2 is reduced by 16%. One good thing is the size of the plant does not matter in air filtration.

Decrease Absences and Sickness

Studies show plants have a positive effect on your well-being. Being around plants in the workplace helps people concentrate better. Studies have revealed any task performed by a calm and composed mind yields the best results.  Plants are also known to reduce fatigue, eye and nose irritation, and dry skin. Spending time in a natural setting or with plants around can lower anxiety and reduce blood pressure.

Boost Productivity

Every organisation looks to boost the productivity of its workforce. While technology provides intelligent ways to increase productivity, they might not be effective in all scenarios. As long as you see a plant while you are working, you will feel good.

A handful of indoor office plants can boost productivity by 15%. You need to place plants throughout the workplace, like one plant every 3-4 feet, and see the productivity rise naturally.

Lower Stress

Stress is common in the workplace.  However, very few companies think of solutions to mitigate stress. If the stress is not resolved, employees will eventually burn out. A study conducted by the University of Sydney has shown plants can help reduce stress. Here are some stress-busting effects of plants:

  • 44% reduction in hostility/anger
  • 37% drop in tension and anxiety
  • 58% decrease in dejection/depression
  • 38% reduction in fatigue

Reduce Noise

Noise pollution is common nowadays. Do you know office noise affects concentration and productivity? Plants can help reduce noise in offices. There are different ways indoor plants can lower office noise; they reduce noise through sound absorption.

Different plant parts like leaves, bark, stems, and branches, wood, fleshy leaves are good at absorbing sound due to their dynamic surfaces. By placing large potted plants at edges of the room and corners, you will start experiencing the difference.

Heighten Creativity

It is common thinking that having natural elements around boosts creativity. It is the natural connection between plants and humans that helps. During the evolution of the human race, humans were often surrounded by trees and foliage, one of the food sources. They felt calm and less worried about food when surrounded by plants. This exciting theory explains why our creativity is enhanced when surrounded by plants.

These are some ways in which indoor plants enhance your workplace. Adding plants to your office space would also make it lively and improve the décor, which is an added benefit.

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