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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Belfast. Why Landlords Need Them


If you are a landlord or own a house in Belfast and you are planning to rent or sell your property, you’ll be asked to have an EPC. But this does not uniquely apply to Belfast homeowners. Indeed, the EPC is a requirement set by the European Union demanding home owners to provide prospective buyers or tenants with a valid EPC. The process of gettingthe property certified is the owner’s responsibility.

Northern Ireland has a central EPC register. You can see if your property already has an EPC by checking the register here.

Owners in Belfast and Northern Ireland as a whole can be fined if not in possession of an EPC. But some exceptions apply. For example, if you are renting out a room in our house, you are not required an EPC. On the other hand, if you have a flat which is part of larger house property and that you are renting out, you’ll be needing an EPC in the case such flat has its front door and facilities.

Who Can Conduct and EPC in Belfast?

EPCs can be issued by certified domestic energy assessors in Belfast. You can make use of their services through an estate agent or letting agent. Chances are that they will have contacts and various assessors that can help you in getting your EPC. Alternatively, you can get information on accredited assessors in Belfast by visiting the Northern Ireland EPC Register Center. For better prices check for EPC Belfast online.

What Information Does An EPC Provide?

A standard EPC will display information about the energy performance of a property and the estimating costs of heating and powering such a property. It will also provide you information about recommendations and potential changes that will help you reduce the overall costs of managing your property.

The EPC will include information about the dwelling type, the premises’ characteristics, the data of assessment and the date of the certification. The content is presented simply and clearly to allow everyone to interpret. Indeed, the EPC is designed using effective color-coding, which makes it easier to quickly assess the energy efficiency of a building.

Depending on several factors, the costs of getting an EPC might vary. Such factors include the total floor area, the number of electronic devices and the number of bedrooms, among others.

Energy Efficiency Rating

In an EPC, the energy efficiency of your property is rated from A to G. G refers to the lowest rating, while A is used to indicate the best energy efficiency score. Usually, older properties, that do not have any energy-saving amenities, will be rated with lower scores.

The law requires landlords to have a minimum score of E for their properties, to sell them or rent them. In case an owner fails to meet such a requirement, he can be fined up to 4000 euros.

Estimated Annual Energy Costs

The EPC will also include information about the estimated costs of the property. It includes the typical amount a buyer or tenant might be expected to pay on heating water and lighting, for example. Additionally, the report will include some possible modifications that will lead to savings and that will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Sometimes, the information is presented as a comparison chart. Keep in mind that the energy costs of running smaller electronic appliances (including television sets, computers, and other devices will not be included in the EPC.

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