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Setting up a nursery is the activity par excellence to let your creativity run free. You can choose from numerous children’s room accessories such as wall stickers, special lamps, playful curtains. The tips below can help you choose the right paint color and type of paint to give the room something extra.

Children’s Room With Bunk Beds And Striking Furniture

What Color In The Nursery?

Choose bright primary colors in the nursery. Most children love this. The best idea is to let your children choose themselves. Do they find this a difficult assignment? Make a collage with prints and photos from fashion magazines and color samples, which you can get for free in the paint shop. How to note that the colors must match the other elements in the room, such as furniture, curtains. Warm colors such as red, purple, blue, yellow and green are cheerful colors that have a positive effect on the child. For the baby room you make better use of calm, light colors and pastel shades. For the 4 room bto renovation this is a very important step.

Which Walls Paint?

You can choose to paint all the walls in the room, but you can also limit yourself to an accent wall. The wall with the most light is the best choice. Choose a dark, contrasting color so that the reflection of the light is optimal. You provide the other walls with a light color. This way you make the best use of the amount of light in the room. Bear in mind that in most cases a dark surface seems ‘closer’ than a light surface. In a small room with a low ceiling, it is best not to paint the ceiling too dark.

Children’s Room Paints And Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, keep in mind that most paints use solvents that are released as a volatile substance during painting. In high concentrations, these substances may have potentially harmful effects on the development of the unborn child. It is best to use a low-solvent paint such as water-based paint (acrylic). Or better yet, let someone else do the work and get away with it. Anyway, the room must always be well ventilated. Does sanding have to be done? You should also not do this yourself if you are pregnant. If you can’t resist it, use a good dust mask. This will prevent you from breathing in all kinds of fine dust.

Baby Room With Blue Accent Wall

Blackboard Paint

Which child does not like to draw on the walls of his room? Have them pamper on the wall in their own room by painting part of a wall with blackboard paint. Blackboard paint in the nursery helps you meet their creative tendencies and keep graffiti free from the rest of the walls in your home. Blackboard paint can now be obtained in all sorts of colors, so it does not necessarily have to be black. Doors, cupboards can also be used as the foundation of the brand new blackboard in the nursery. Also read our tips for a creative interior with board paint.

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