How to Rent Portaloo for Construction Sites


Poles and Holes is a business that is located in Capalaba and is family owned. They serve the surrounding areas and have been involved in the portaloo and power rental business since 1960. Their services include portaloos, power poles, builders’ toilets, and party or event toilets. 

Needs in Brisbane

If you are in Brisbane and need portaloo these are the people for portaloo hire in Brisbane. It is the many choices that are present in this field that has set this company apart from their competitors and the long time in this business comes to the experience as well as the knowledge they use to assist their customers in achieving the right outcomes. 

Portable toilets or portaloo

portable toilet rental Gillespie County TX have long been the popular toilets for camping or picnics and other outdoor activities and are relatively inexpensive to rent, hygienic and with designs that are modern becoming a great deal in practice and easier to use. With the arrival of fully confined composting toilets, much of this market has degenerated, but as composting toilets tend to be a great deal more costly than their portable counterparts’ these portable toilets will be in use for the future.

Building sites

Portable toilets for construction sites are mandated by the “Workplace Health and Safety laws” so this company has the best units providing a safe and healthy environment for users. This company has two types for rentals:

  • Ultra – state of the art unit providing a safe and healthy environment for users.
  • Fresh flush – which is the builder’s favorite and popular for house construction and duplexes.


These eco-friendly facilities use the very latest in green practices for deodorizing to decrease any impact on the environment. This company works around their customer’s schedules and precise needs and always pick up and deliver at the customer’s request. You should choose them for many reasons including: 

  • Various sizes of both standard and portable restrooms to choose from.
  • Competitive pricing to meet project needs.
  • Multiple services provided.
  • Professional and prompt services.


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