How to Style Your Coffee Tables?


If you think that your coffee tables are just empty spaces to fill in with your coffee mugs, then you are mistaken. You need to revisit the entire idea of coffee tables and their functional versatility. They not only hold your coffee mugs, but can handle your magazines and remotes too. But besides these, they are an element of creative décor, which breathe in your personality into the room. However, one common question that mostly everybody asks is, how can one transform the coffee table to a statement furniture? 

With our tips below, you will get to understand the best ways to style your table.

Lighten it up with candles

If you want to add value to any space, candles are your go-to option. These can make any sultry or dull looking coffee tables attractive. With this, you can change your cushion covers in sync with the décor, which will brighten up the spaces naturally and you don’t need to do much for that corner.

Go vintage

With some raw and creative ideas, you can make your space look entirely vintage. If you are having a leather sofa set, you can think about having the coffee table wrapped up in leather too. Or the best way to go sustainable yet keep the fashion scores going is to turn an old and vintage leather suitcase into your coffee table. This is the best way to recycle and upkeep your furniture.

Try doubling up on the storage ideas

Who wouldn’t want to double up their storage game? With the lovely coffee tables available around you, you can achieve that quite easily. You can pick the tables that also have drawers below the tabletops. They are best used to tuck the items, which you do not want to be seen. The magazines or other items can be stored carefully in the lower levels of the table. 

Can you rock a metallic accent?

Metallic centre tables are going to be an excellent addition to your décor. You can get yourself a table sheathed in shimmery silver or golden, which will make it an easy conversation starter. It is an easy DIY project that can be beautified with acrylic paints. Also, you can get it customized like the way you want from your furniture store.

But since nothing can beat the elegance of wood, you can check out the best wood coffee tables at ElegantTables.ca and spruce up your interiors like never before.

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