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How Window Coverings Can Help Save Money On Your Bills (and help the environment)


Window coverings are an excellent idea, no matter the style of your home. And the best part about these is that they can really help in saving money. However, not many homeowners know what window coverings to choose to save money on bills. Our technicians say that nowadays, almost all window coverings are beneficial for both you and the environment. So, if you’re interested in this topic, you should keep reading. Next, we discuss how window coverings can help save money on your bills and help the environment.


Awnings represent a popular window coverings solution that most homeowners use to boost energy efficiency. Data shows that awnings can reduce solar heat gain and offer an improved interior temperature. We recommend you install these window coverings in light colors to reflect more sunlight. The main advantage of awnings is that you can roll them up during winter to allow the sun to warm your house.


Both curtains and drapes can help you save money on your bills. For example, using these in areas where the sun comes inside can prevent temperature imbalances and air leakages. As a result, you won’t waste money on your energy bills. Our technicians say that the fabric type and color have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of your home. For example, drapes with plastic backing have the ability to diminish heat gain by up to 33%.


Shades are your ally if you aim to keep your home comfortable without wasting money. If you install shades correctly, they become the most straightforward way to save money on energy. You should install shades as close as possible to the glass. It will set up a sealed space and prevent energy loss.

Reflective film

Did you know that the best way to boost energy efficiency in your home and save money on energy bills is by using reflective film on your windows? Well, technicians say that if you want all the advantages of window coverings and still have something highly efficient installed, a reflective film is a great start. It is a top choice because of its improved potential for heat gain. Of course, the downside of this is that it might affect your view.

The bottom line

As you can see, window coverings can help you save money in the long-term. The secret is to have an expert install them. There are different approaches that can save a say in whether you’ll be able to lower your energy bills.

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