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Process of hiring an architect for constructing a home


Professional architects play an important role when it comes to creating detailed plans and visualising a structure or a building. If you plan on building your dream house, you should opt for the right architect who could transform your dream of owning a house into a reality.

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Kinds of Architects

Before you go ahead with the construction project, it is very important to understand the type of architect you choose to determine if they have the right skills to develop the project. 

  • Commercial architect

They specialise in designing commercial spaces such as restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, museums and so on. They should have thorough knowledge regarding commercial building codes and various safety regulations. Commercial projects are usually large scale projects and it involves a team of consultants and architects. 

  • Residential architect

They always worked with homeowners, private clients and real estate developers to design homes such as apartments, independent houses and villas. They should have certain skills that can help clients to transform their vision into reality when they are working with a particular budget. Other than taking care of making individual floor plans, the residential architects are responsible when it comes to designing the layout and serving as advisors for developers when it comes to multiple housing units.

  • Industrial architect

They have expertise in planning and designing industrial units such as storage buildings, factories and warehouses, logistic facilities, power plants and so on. Industrial architects design spaces that will be used properly by the users. 

  • Landscape architect

Design outdoor areas like public gardens, lawns, working paths and parks. They also design projects like golf courses, resorts and recreational spaces. Most of the landscape architects seamlessly work on integrating outdoor as well as indoor spaces. They are experts in horticulture and focus on creating spaces with aesthetic value.

  • Interior architect

There are accredited architects and focus on the science and art of creating interior spaces. They focus on covering aspects of lighting, materials and so on. They would be well aware of the structural aspects of how the design would transform a space into a beautiful and appealing one. 

Hiring an Architect for Building Custom Home

Constructing or remodelling a house would require a lot of planning. If you hire a qualified architect, take you closer to your objective of building a dream home. A professional architect could study your project plan well, address the challenges and focus on providing solutions that would suit your needs as well as budget.

  • Consult with family and friends

If you plan to remodel your house for the first time, it would be a good idea to check with your relatives and friends to find out their experience of redesigning their homes and ask for good architects who could do so.

  • Estimate the cost

You should determine the final construction cost and identify the charges for the architecture design. If you are hiring top architects, be ready to spend more. However, it could also add more value to the home. 

  • Do proper research

Good research can help you identify the best architects. Check out their services and past work. Identify the experts who have managed different projects and have vast experience. Consider different options that are available to you and pick the right one.

  • Look for licensed architects

Before you hire an architect, it is important to check if they are licensed. This would establish their credibility and you could be sure that a professional would have the required experience and skills. 

What to ask an architect?

Proper research is necessary to identify the right architect who would deliver the complete range of services that would be financially acceptable to you. Go through some of the questions that you could ask your architect to make a proper decision regarding hiring the architect or not.

  • How would the design process work?

Designing a home is a work of collaboration. It would begin by assessing the project requirements. The architect designs and discusses the technical issues and structural integrity of the house with the structural engineers. As the demand for sustainable buildings has increased, architects have become more responsible for assessing and improving energy efficiency by integrating the designs that would allow the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation.

  • Does the architect have a signature style?

It is important to make sure that the architect’s vision is aligned with your vision and idea of a project. Most architects are skilled to modify their style which would match the client’s needs. An architect might have expertise in designing contemporary or traditional-style homes. If you understand their signature style, you could decide on what would work the best for you. 

  • What are the services that could be expected from an architect? 

It is very important to know the extent to which the architect would manage a project. Many architects offer a wide range of services other than creating the design and blueprints. Also offer services like managing the entire project, hiring a contractor, monitoring the work of the contractor, making adjustments in design, reviewing invoices and so on.

  • Are 3-D services offered by architects?

It is very important to get visuals and identify how drawings and ideas would be shown. It might not be easy to read a standard two-dimensional plan. Most architects have software that could help in delivering three-dimensional drawings which would be rotated and viewed from various angles. This will help in knowing how a design would look in the real world. 

  • What would be the estimated timeline taken for a project? 

Have a proper conversation with your architect and think of setting a timeline for the construction project. Project delays might occur at times if the client is unavailable for discussions. It is very important to plan a timetable and stick to it mutually. 

  • What are the charges for handling the work?

One should have an open conversation regarding professional fees and budget. Usually, architects charge a fixed rate or a percentage of the project cost. The charges might vary depending on the services that are provided.

  • What are the challenges or issues when they handle the project?

There might be some challenges that are related to the technical aspects of the project. The homeowners might have realistic expectations, at times, related to time and budget. Making each room vastu-friendly could be a challenge while fulfilling the other requirements at the same time. Problem-solving could be one of the important rights of architects. An experienced architect would look at the challenges and evaluate all the possibilities to provide the best solution. Go ahead and check with your architect if he has worked on a similar project. 

  • Are architects open to feedback and inputs?

Some homeowners might prefer leaving the entire design of their house to the architect while some others might prefer to get involved in the project. Hence, it is better to ask before the project begins whether the architect is open to taking inputs and suggestions or not. 

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