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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Yard


As the weather warms, yard plants go wild with growth. Grasses grow, trees bud, and weeds flourish. Your perfectly manicured yard suddenly explodes into disorganization in as little as 10 days. So, what can you do to correct the situation? Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing your yard this year.

1. Weeds

Removing the weeds as they begin to take root is the most efficient way of making sure the plants are out of your yard. That is because the weeds send roots into the soil, they can become more difficult to remove, and if you break a deep root in two, it can grow a new plant in days. Also, you want to remove the weeds before they begin seeding to prevent even more problem growth in future weeks.

2. Algae

Ponds, small streams, and Koi tanks can all be beautiful additions to your yard, but they require special treatment to keep them clean and healthy. To eliminate algae and its constant threat, make sure to add a certified water treatment to remove harmful plants, support fish life, and keep the water clear.

3. Trees

Trees may have deep roots, but they may still require help staying healthy and pest free. To keep your tree’s roots deep in the earth, make sure it has at least two inches of water a week while young. Long deep watering is better for older trees. Check for scale, bugs, and mites to prevent problem boring into the tree that can damage growth far into the tree’s heart.

4. Landscapes

You may not be familiar with the terms hardscaping and softscaping, but when you make additions to your yard, that is what you are doing. Hardscaping consists of improvements that are permanent, such as sidewalks and borders. Softscaping uses plants, dirt, and bark to make statements. If you want help learning how to maintain or replant your yard, the local garden center may have specialists that can help you at little or no cost.

5. Decks

Decks sometimes require sanding, stripping, and re-staining. Depending on the type of material used, your deck may need to have boards replaced once in a while. Call the handyman at the first sign of rot or warped boards to prevent further issues.

You can keep your yard looking great all summer long if you begin fixing the problems as they creep up. Weeds, algae, and landscaping can all have simple solutions if you call in a landscaper or handyman early in the last days of winter.

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