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Top 5 Cities to Consider Moving into the Eastern Panhandle, West Virginia


Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is an attractive location for Northern Virginia homeowners who are looking out for affordable housing options. You can easily find homes for sale in Martinsburg, which is a beautiful place in the Eastern Panhandle region. Eastern Panhandle is a great place to live and the natives here love everything about the unique place. The cost of living here is much less as compared to other places. The price of transit, grocery, and housing is quite affordable. This region is well connected to Northern Virginia and Washington. 

The railway network and the bus services can be availed easily to get in and around the town quickly. There are various historic sites, civil war battlefields, and landmarks in the Eastern Panhandle. Some of them are Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Charles Washington’s Happy Retreat, Martinsburg Roundhouse, and Shepherdstown Opera House. The scenery of the Eastern Panhandle is majestic, as it is comprised of mighty rivers, mature forests, and rolling hills. This place has all the urban amenities with rural charm. There are golf courses, recreational program centers, and art venues and simultaneously there is peace and tranquility.

Top 5 Cities Of Eastern Panhandle

Here we have mentioned the names of the best cities you can think of living in the Eastern Panhandle region:

  • Harpers Ferry 

Harpers Ferry is an adventurous place where there are plenty of things to do. You can hike along the Appalachian Trail or do kayaking in the river. This place has several tourist spots which include Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. You will find more affordable home options in Harpers Ferry than in the neighboring Loudoun County. It just a minute’s drive from Harpers Ferry to Leesburg, Virginia so you do not have to sacrifice the convenience of shopping, workplaces, and restaurants.

  • Inwood 

Inwood is a quiet community located a few filed south of Martinsburg. It is very near to the bustling cities of Leesburg and Charles Town. This place has everything that a resident wants within the community. There are several shops, restaurants, and community centers here for convenience. It takes 50 minutes to reach Leesburg from Inwood. There are around 3,000 residents in Inwood and it is easy to know your neighbors. The community-centered setting makes it a great place to live.

  • Martinsburg 

It is a close-knit community in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. The city is famous because it offers immense convenience of working opportunities, restaurants and shops. The city of Martinsburg has an incredible charm of its own. You can easily commute to Leesburg within 48 minutes. The main historic attraction of the city is Martinsburg Roundhouse Center. If you crave for slow life pace, fresh mountain air, and affordable real estate, you should be at Martinsburg.

  • Ranson 

Ranson is just at a few minute’s distances from County government offices, commuter transportation, and other shopping centers. It takes around 38 minutes to travel from Ranson to Leesburg. The city of Ranson has various amenities of its own, which includes medical centers, national retailers and restaurant and state of art centers. The place is quiet and peaceful. You will find several affordable housing choices here and it has recently witnessed a growth of the commercial corridor.

  • Shepherdstown 

Shepherdstown is the oldest city in West Virginia and is near the major places of Leesburg and Washington DC. Shepherdstown is a quiet community where Shepherd University is located. There are several dining options, historic points, and the nation’s oldest movie theatre. This place is 50 minutes away from Leesburg and is away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The residents here appreciate the community’s lower cost of living and rich history.

While Eastern Panhandle in West Virginia is famous for quiet communities and harmony, it is not bereaved of big-city conveniences. Some of the shopping destinations here are the Commons in Martinsburg, Potomac Marketplace in Ranson, and Jefferson Crossing. Last but not the least, the local subdivisions of this place gives you a feasible reason to live in the Eastern Panhandle. You can find your ideal home in your preferred community in your budget. Just learn about the available Martinsburg homes for sale and get shifted to this striking place.

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