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What Is A DP Switch? How It Operates


Electrical switches manage current flow in two circuits using a dp switch connection. Applications like houses and industrial equipment control require this switch. Knowing the fundamentals of switches is crucial for any future electrician. They are either highly trained engineers or amateurs.

What Is A Double Pole Switch?

A double-pole switch can be used to regulate power in two independent circuits. There are two input and two output terminals. For a 240-volt system, this switch is typically used to regulate two distinct circuits.

Double pole switches are typically used to control lighting and fans in commercial or industrial settings. Many homeowners also utilise it because of how convenient and secure it is.

The Dp (Double-Pole) Switch And Its Many Applications

Almost every commercial and residential building uses Legrand’s double-pole electrical switches. DP switches are utilised in many different industries because of their crucial function in preventing potentially disastrous events like explosions and fires.

  • DP pole switches are frequently found in light and fan bundles.
  • Heavy-duty appliances, including induction ranges, geysers, OTG, microwaves, etc.
  • Used for machinery and other industrial purposes.
  • Applied to health care equipment
  • Commonly found in residential wiring

Why Would Someone Want A DP Switch?

Most light switches employ single-pole switching, which allows for regulating a single circuit. This is the live wire of the system. Switching only the live wire in a circuit leaves the neutral wire connected, increasing the risk of an electrical shock.

A 32 amp dp switch can kill electricity to an entire circuit by separating the live and neutral. This makes it a much safer option.

● The Operation Of Double Pole Switches

Double-pole switches or two-pole switches use electricity to travel across two circuits. The switch ON state flows current through both circuits. In the off position of a switch, no current flows through either of the associated circuits.

Switch Wiring For A Double Pole

Double pole switch wiring is similar to single pole switch wiring with a second circuit. The input and output circuits are connected to the first and second terminal pairs.

Switching A Double Pole

Double pole switches function similarly to single pole switches. Turn the switch on or off. When double pole switches are turned off, both circuits are disconnected. Be sure that both circuit breakers are safely turned off.

Situations Typically Involving Double-Pole Switches

In situations where independent regulation of two circuits is required, double pole switches are employed.

  • These circuits are utilised in households and businesses with high-wattage appliances like ovens and air conditioners that require 240 volts.
  • In environments where the switch controlling lights and other electrical devices must be protected from the elements.


Legrand‘s double-pole switches are useful because they allow for independent regulation of current flow in two separate electrical circuits. It is typically seen in larger appliances and industrial settings, where a higher voltage of 240 volts is required.

But it’s excellent for controlling electrical appliances because it has fewer drawbacks than a double pole switch while allowing for the independent operation of two circuits.

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