4 Fundamental Tips for Maintaining Designer Furniture in Singapore


After saving your money to finally afford designer furniture in Singapore, you may be wondering how to care for it. While there are specific steps to maintain the look and quality of your furnishing, there are fundamental ways to achieve your goal, no matter what type of item you want to clean. In this article, here are four tips for maintaining designer furniture.

1) Check the Care Label

The first thing you should do before doing anything is consulting the care label on your designer furniture. The information you can get from it provides you with a general idea of how to care for your furnishing. If you are purchasing from an online furniture store in Singapore, you can ask the seller to provide you with instructions.

2) Wipe Dust

The most fundamental care method for most, if not all designer furniture is wiping the dust off its surface. Ideally, your viable solution is using a moist cloth to absorb dirt instead of scattering them into the air. You can use this method on furnishings, such as your shoe rack and tv console in Singapore.

3) Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight causes your designer furniture to fade in time. Therefore, avoid placing it near windows or other areas with sunlight. However, you can choose to rearrange your furnishings, such as your shoe rack in Singapore, if exposure is unavoidable.

4) Vacuum Regularly

It is possible that using a moist cloth is not enough to eliminate dust on your designer furniture. Some of your furnishings have corners that are difficult to clean using this method. Fortunately, a vacuum cleaner is your other solution to removing dirt and other unwanted particles.

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