5 Simple Hacks to Handle Out-of-warranty Appliance Repairs


Most home appliances would come with a manufacturer’s warranty if you’d bought a new one. This feature protects you in such a way that in case of any basic faults, you can send away your appliance for repair or maybe a replacement.

However, it sucks when your major appliance breaks down only to find out that the manufacturer’s warranty lapsed six months ago. Don’t succumb to depression because of that. There are numerous solutions to that.

Here’s the deal: These five simple hacks will help you clear that mess and live a happy life.

  1. You Could Get your Stove Repaired if You Bought IT With a Credit Card

Did you know that major credit card companies offer an additional warranty to your appliances? Well, most cards provide extra coverage on appliances. Typically, these policies double life of the usual manufacturer’s warranty. In this way, your appliance could be covered.

 Get this right. The credit card benefit caters for the repair. Remember, the maker’s cover works for a specified period. Here, therefore, you’re leveraging the credit card policy benefit.

  1. Out-of-Warranty Service Providers

There are companies committed to offering repairs services to home appliances without warranty. You can visit a local repair center and inquire whether they have such a service; of course, they do it at a fee. Similarly, you can email them to give details on your appliance malfunction, and they’ll get back to you the soonest possible.

  1. Online Guides Versus the Manufacturer

This service is just a phone call away. Besides searching the internet to look for some guides on fixing the problem, you should try calling the manufacturer. They could be willing to go an extra mile in providing a step-by-step guide in recovering your leaking fridge. Some companies may still offer simple repairs even if your product is out of warranty. But this isn’t guaranteed.

  1. Home Warranty

Do you have a home warranty? If you’ve one, chances are that even if the manufacturer’s warranty is expired and your appliance breaks down, your home warranty provider will send a professional. The expert is purposely sent to look at the appliance, determine the amount of repair required and notify the warranting company.

 Once they’re done with accessing, the repair begins immediately. However, the restoration may not happen overnight. But they’ll eventually fix.

You could get the following appliances (if faulty) fixed if you’ve got a home warranty:

  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators
  • stove
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • And some systems such as wiring, heating and cooling systems.
  1. Consider DIY

A few of all appliance repairs calls can be resolved with little skills. You don’t need to call a pro and splash some bucks on a service you can offer. For example, you can replace your refrigerator door gasket. Statistics show that 39% of DIY tasks save you from unnecessary expenses.

To conclude, it’s now evident that you don’t need to dispose of any appliance just because of its malfunctions. It’s always worth fixing it to increase its lifespan. From leveraging your credit card benefit, outsourcing out-of-warranty providers, conducting an online search for guides, reaching out to the manufacturer, engaging your home warranty to doing it yourself, you have lots of options to get perfectly working appliances.

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