Best Dressing Table Designs to Amp up Your Bedroom Decor


Bedroom decor is incomplete without a dressing table. It is one such piece of furniture that you cannot do without every morning before going to work. A dressing table is not just a storage option but also a reflection of your personality. Many people find it unnecessary to spend on a dresser, but you should not forget that it is as important as other furniture pieces.

An ideal dressing table has a mirror mounted on top of a storage cabinet made with drawers. It can be placed in the left or right corner of the bedroom or the center of the room. The placement of a dressing table will determine the overall look of your bedroom while adding an aesthetic touch to it.

While shopping for a dressing table, there are certain factors that you must consider. These include the number of drawers, budget, design, material, brand, size, color, shape, and more. If you are planning to buy one, here are some of the dressing table designs that you might want to consider:

Tiago Engineered Wood Dressing Table in Wenge Color:

This dresser comes with a full-height mirror. There are two drawers and three open shelves. The dark brown wenge finish gives this dressing table a modern look that would amp up any contemporary or western decor. You can store your accessories and cosmetic makeup products in the drawers. The shelves can also be used for storing beauty products or as decor showcase. The empty platform can be used to style a terrarium or a planter.

Leopold Solid Wood Dressing Table in Honey Color:

This wooden dressing table comes with a drawer, a closed cabinet, and four open shelves. The storage options are apt for keeping your accessories and cosmetics. You can decorate the mirror with lights and place a planter or terrarium at the bottom. The shelves can be stocked with beauty products or festooned with figurines, picture frames, and more. The honey finish makes it ideal for traditional or industrial decor.

Archer Engineered Wood Dressing Table in Wenge Color:

This freestanding dressing table comes with a full-length mirror and storage cabinet. It features two drawers and a closed cabinet. It has two tabletops on which you can place your cosmetics or makeup essentials. You can also adorn the side tabletop with indoor plants or jar lights. The beautiful light brown wenge finish will undoubtedly jazz up your contemporary style bedroom decor.

Casablanca Solid Wood Dressing Table in Walnut Color:

Indeed an ingenious design, Casablanca gives out those antique and aesthetic vibes. Ideal for traditional decor, it comes with three drawers and a tabletop. It is mounted with a big square mirror embedded in a wooden frame. You can decorate the frame with fairy lights to add an element of drama. The front panels of the drawers feature a beautiful four-leaf clover-like design. The drawers provide enough storage for your accessories, makeup products, hair stylers, and more. You can use the tabletop to place your other accessories.

Stanford Solid Wood Dressing Table in Walnut Color:

This sleek, freestanding dressing table comes with a full-height mirror that hides five shelves within. It also features two drawers below a small tabletop. The storage options offer enough space for keeping your beauty products, cosmetics, hair stylers, accessories, and other things. The mirror opens up to the shelves that are big enough to store all the dressing essentials. This dressing table is apt for any decor type, then be it traditional or contemporary.

Legend Engineered Wood Dressing Table in White Color:

Aesthetic and beauty are the words that describe this round dressing table. The round mirror stands firm on two bars attached to the chest of drawers. The curvy design and rich white color make this dresser ideal for any western or transitional decor. The three drawers have enough space that can accommodate your makeup essentials and jewelry.

Morrison Engineered Wood Dressing Table in Red Cherry Color:

Creativity at its best, Morrison speaks of the skills and art of the craftsmen. The intricate detailing on the mirror frame and cabinets give the dresser a vintage royal look. It is perfectly suitable for traditional decor. It has a mirror that stands on a table with two closed cabinets on both sides and a drawer in the middle. The closed cabinets feature two shelf compartments. The pull knobs add a dramatic effect to the overall look of the table. This dressing table comes with a stool that is royal looking too.

What’s Your Take!

Having listed all the best picks, it is up to you to make the right choice. So, go ahead and choose the best one!

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