Declutter Your Kitchen Countertop: 5 Ways to Utilize Your Cabinets


Countertops can easily be said to be the most cluttered place in our kitchens. This is because they are the easiest places to store stuff temporarily. However, it seems to be a well-known habit to forget about the things once they are left on the countertops, sometimes for months on end. A simple and easy way to not let this happen is by using kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. Among them, RTA Kitchen Cabinets are a great option to choose from. So, read on to spark a little more joy into your life and de-clutter your overburdened countertops.

Cabinets to Utilize Kitchen Countertop Space

  • Top Cabinets

Aside from being used to keep dishes, glassware, food, and pantry items, top cabinets can also be used for a multitude of things like arts and crafts, laundry supplies, smart device storages, wine and liquor storages, medical supplies and office supplies.

  • Bottom Cabinets

Bottom cabinets are ideal for storing a variety of things, including large household items. From pots and pans to larger appliances, bottom cabinets get the job done perfectly. Other innovative options are to use bottom cabinets for toy storage, pet supplies, and shoe storage. One thing to keep in mind about bottom cabinets is that they are easily accessible by anyone. For this reason, if you have children, it will be best to keep the things you do not want to be found, in the top cabinets.

  • Drawer Cabinets

Some of the best storage ideas are found to be available when opting for drawer cabinets. Drawer cabinets can hold just about anything in your kitchen. Smaller drawers are perfect for pot holders, small office supplies, silverware, utensils, measuring cups, storage bags. Larger drawers are ideal for dishes, pots and pans, lids, small appliances, food items, cookie sheets, towels and much more. Drawer cabinets are perhaps one of the most important additions to your kitchen décor.

  • Appliance Cabinets

Appliance Cabinets are among those kitchen-wares which are out of sight but not out of mind. A perfect way to keep small appliances hidden away until they are needed is with a multi-level cabinet with adjustable shelving. This is an optimal way to store small appliances depending on how and when you need to use them. If you have the required space, an interesting option is avail retractable doors that are hidden when open. You may even consider adding outlets inside the cabinets and shelves that slide out.

  • Open Shelf Cabinets

Open shelf cabinets are the cabinets/shelves that you will want to use for displaying items, including wine bottles, collections, artwork, china baskets, cookbooks, and more. When it comes to open shelf cabinets, even something which you never thought can be displayed may turn out to look amazing on an open shelf.

Additional Tip

Labeled Empty shoe storage boxes– From improvements-in-home and hardware stores to grocery and drug stores, most places carry clear plastic storage containers the size of shoe boxes or in a variety of shapes and sizes, actually. For a pretty, cheap and great way to store loose things in your cabinets is with storage boxes that you’ve labeled. They can also easily stack on top of each other and side by side. Anyone opening those cabinets will swoon over the organization!

Wholesale kitchen cabinets are a great way to utilize your kitchen space and compliment your kitchen décor. Keeping your kitchen countertops clean and tidy with the help of kitchen cabinetry is a great way to keep your kitchen presentable.

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