Easy Methods To Determine If Your Floor Is Real Hardwood


Maybe you have just obtained a home and wondering once the floor is real hardwood? Listed below are guidelines to help you to discover.

Think about the Surface

You have to look carefully within the the top of the floor and uncover when the surface features a high-definition picture of wooden texture or possibly a granular texture.

Laminate flooring is similar to hardwood flooring and it is sometimes complicated that you ought to differentiate the two. In situation your unit has granular texture, it’s hardwood.

Browse the Grain

The grains of natural wood are random therefore, in situation your unit consists of hardwood, the grains will not ever repeat. A laminate floors however is factory-produced therefore, its boards will match perfectly.

Consider the perimeters in the Floor

You need to consider the perimeters and uncover if there is any nails. Hardwood is usually installed with nails while laminate is installed with glue. If there is nails, the floor is most likely hardwood.

Inspect the Floor’s Condition

There are a number of merchandise that you could try so that you can determine the healthiness of the machine. A couple of of the things that include:

Scratches and dents: hardwood can get damaged simpler than laminate therefore, once the floor has dings and gouges, it’s hardwood. The main ingredient that prevents laminate from getting damaged fast is because of the resin-based coating.

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Appear: you spend focus on the appear in the floor. Here you need to strike the system along with your high-heeled footwear. Real hardwood results in a louder appear which regularly sounds hollow.

Stains and water marks: real hardwood includes a inclination to possess water rings, discolorations, and splotches therefore, should you uncover these signs, the floor is most likely hardwood.


They’re tips that you need to used in working in situation your floor consists of real hardwood. If you are getting problems finding your unit consists of real hardwood, for example, you are unable to locate boards with matching grains, you have to look for knots. Knots are frequently bigger thus simpler visible than grain lines.

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