Effective Ways to Deal with Hideous Looking Carpet of Rental Homes


Shifting into rental homes takes a lot of efforts, moreover if it is uncleaned and the whole place looks shabby. You want to brighten up the place, thus start the cleaning process. Fixing some fancy light fixtures and polishing the furniture will give your home space a new look. The only problem is the carpet that looks totally out of place in the lovely surroundings. Your first thought is to change the carpet at home, but it may blow your money as new ones are expensive to purchase.

Here are a few useful tricks to deal with ugly carpets:

  • If carpets are installed as a wall decor piece.
  • It is better to remove and paint the wall.
  • You may even paste well patterned, durable quality wallpaper in place of the carpet.
  • Most of the old carpets laid on the floor look shabby.
  • You can clean them and place the furniture over it.
  • You can place bright colour cushions in the sitting area and hang curtains in vibrant colours.
  • You can place table light stands on the side tables to make the place look cosy and elegant. All small changes in the decor will hide the shabby looking carpet placed on the floor.
  • Thin carpets are laid everywhere that is not easy to be removed.
  • The best possible way is to lay a well designed woven rug. They are durable easy to wash and not expensive. You can purchase them easily online and in rug shops in your locality.
  • To make your home look trendy as well as cosy try to buy handloom rugs.
  • Heavy rugs can be placed in a place where people walk a lot.

However, many people living in rental homes don’t want to spend so much on the decor. For them, the only best effective solution is to hire professional carpet cleaners. Yes, they will surely make a difference by making the shabby untidy looking carpet to appear shiny, fresh and even look like new carpets.

If you are living in Perth just looking for carpet steam cleaning Perth online. It will be best to visit directly the website steamordry.com.au. Their expert cleaners will help in making the carpets dirt-free and hygienic to be used at home.

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