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Everyone deserves a safe and secure life. You might not be aware that the construction of your building can play vital role in the safety and security of lives and property especially in the earthquake-prone cities like Los Angeles. Residential or commercial buildings which are located over a ground level with large openings such as parking, garage, storefront or expansive lobbies are more vulnerable to the seismic event as their first story is much less rigid than the stories above. Even the non-ductile concrete buildings which are built before 1976 are considered at high risk in term of human safety and financial liability in the event of earthquake. Hence as a property owner it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the people residing or doing business in such properties.

Avoid legal consequences

In Los Angeles to reduce the risks of property damage and life loss, the government has taken strict steps and made the soft story retrofit program mandatory. So if you have already received the legal notice for the retrofit program then consult an experienced and reliable retrofit company at earliest and start the process otherwise you might have to undergo serious legal proceeding which could have adverse impact on your reputation and financial status. The structural engineer of professional retrofit company after proper analyzing the unique characteristics of the building can provide you the best cost-effective solution. 

Rely on experts

An experienced company values the time and money of their clients hence regardless of the type, method and complexity of the construction work, the highly skilled team strive to complete the project with perfection within the estimated time period. Although many companies offer cheap price as it is matter of your or someone else’s life hence choose the quality over price and have peace of mind. After completion of the work, ensure that the construction meets the new safety standards ordinances and verify the work by a government official. 

Evaluate credibility

Before hiring any retrofit company ensures that the company is licensed and insured. Some of the companies offer a free initial consultation so that the client can get an ideal about potential expenses. Going through the website and checking the gallery, portfolio, blog, testimonials could be beneficial in taking informed decision.


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