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How Much cash can you earn by selling your property to cash home buyers in California?


As far as the topic is concerned, it’s not possible to give a round off figure. This is because these cash buying companies accept a different kind of property- damaged properties or the ones with tax liens. Different property has different pros and cons. For example, if you want to sell a damaged home, the cash home buyers will inspect your property, and then they will make an offer. The cash amount will differ in almost every case. So it’s not possible to give an exact figure. But in this article, the readers will know the concept of selling properties in Merced, California.

On the market– In this, the owner will get the same price at which the neighborhood properties will get sold. In simple terms, the property will get the price based on the prevailing market prices.  In this concept, you’ll need to get in touch with estate agents who’ll act as a middleman between you and the buyer. The property will be listed up for sale by the agent and if a buyer expresses their interest in it, an offer will be made! The agents have to be paid a fat sum of commission.

Off the market– In this, there’s no presence of a middleman. The owner directly sells the property to the buyer. But the only difference is that the price that you’ll get in off-market will be less than what you get on the market. This is known as the ‘below-market price’.

But the question is why do customers prefer below market price while selling their property? Though the question is logical but there are a variety of reasons why customers choose to work with we buy homes Merced California. Read more to know the reasons!

  • As far as on the market property selling is concerned, it usually means that the buyers are investing in the property to stay with their family. Such buyers will never invest in properties that are damaged or have tax liens on it. But when the owners sell it to the direct buyers, the property gets repaired, renovated and sometimes it is turned into a rental property.
  • Secondly, when the buyers purchase for living in a house, they’ll have to look for a means to finance their purchase. Often, the buyers will have to take loans from banks and financial institutions which are quite a lengthy and time-consuming process. The owners don’t feel like waiting for so long. Instead, they sell their properties directly to the buyers for quick cash.
  • As mentioned earlier, when you sell your property in the real estate market, you have to spend a lot on repairs and replacements to make the property appealing and to draw in more buyers. Even when you invest so much, there’s no guarantee that your property will get sold. On the other hand, the cash home buyers accepts the property in an as-is condition.

Last but not the least; selling your property through agents would mean that you have to pay fees and commissions to the agent. But when you work with we buy companies like in California, there are no commissions or fees that need to be paid.

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