Learn to Love Your Tired Old Kitchen Again


Old is gold as they say but a new look will make you love your old kitchen even more. A kitchen is a place that catches every other person eye especially if is in directly opposite to your dining area. For you to feel good each and every time you are around your kitchen then you will have to make the old items attractive. You do not have to replace the old things in your kitchen you can decide to make them look good by adding decoration on them. Here are a few tips that will make you love your kitchen more;

Add more light

Does your kitchen have enough lighting to penetrate those comers that look scary and boring? A lovely kitchen has must have enough lighting. You do not need natural light as this will mean demolishing your wall and inserting a wide window. This will be expensive. You can go buy big bulbs and lighting decoration that you can hang around your kitchen. Whenever they are switched on it will transform your dull kitchen completely and you will love it and want to spend more time there. You can decide to layer different lighting that completely changes the kitchen environment.

Spray paint your kitchen cabinet

When you love the design of your cabinets that have stayed in your kitchen for long you do not have to change them. You may not be ready to change them because of the look they give your kitchen. Paint tends to be fed away and makes your kitchen ugly. You do not want a place that does not appeal your family eyes that make them yarn for any meal that come from that place. What you can do is being creative by adding a colour of your choice to your kitchen cupboard doors. Bright colours will do wonders as the light shines on them they completely transform your atmosphere mood cream, white, grey or gold on your cabinets will change the kitchen look.

Kitchen floor

A kitchen will not look unique and stunning if the floor is not neat. You have to maintain your kitchen floor. If it is replacing this floor then you have to look for advantages and disadvantages of each type of floor. Since in your kitchen you will be dealing with all kind of fluids and foods that may spill on the floor then you have to factor this in. you need to install a water resistant floor to reduce on maintenance cost. Cleaning your floor and keeping it dry is safe and a way of making sure it stays longer. For it to look even better you can decide to install water resistance carpets to bring out that lovely look.


This is where all your cooking preparations take place. It has to be at its best. You can renovate that old countertop by laminating it with the colour of the material that you want. It has to be that quality material so that it takes time before it needs to be maintained. This is way cheaper while maintaining that old look of your kitchen. They will serve the purpose and still make your kitchen to look good. You will have to insist to be installed well as the installation will ensure that is evenly cleaned no bacteria that may bring disease.

Kitchen appliances

You replace your kitchen appliance with the current ones. As technology is evolving your kitchen has to be in. If an appliance has worn out it is advisable to get another one. Being used with electricity and not being in good form it might be dangerous. When replacing take note of the quality and usage as you do not want to be replacing them every time. You can decide to get them in the same colour and let them be installed permanently in your space this is safe and save space at some time.


You can add furniture in your space to make it more appealing. Do not just get any furniture and throw into your kitchen. Let it have some design so that it spices up your space. Get something that fascinates you and is comfortable for you and makes you enjoy your kitchen.

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