Plumbing in Canberra: What you need to know


The house elders always advise not to mess with plumbing works unless you have the right basic knowledge. A small mistake can flood your entire house with dirty water. So, before you get your hands-on plumbing emergencies, here are some things to know in advance.

Things to know before you handle any plumbing work at your home

  1. Location of Shut-Off valves

It is a general fact that a home is covered with many pipes that are responsible for water delivery. Although they are spread like a cobweb, their origin is usually one. So, when you move into a new house or think about some plumbing renovations, make sure to know the main valve’s location. You should also keep track of the drainage system and sewer access points as it can come handy. In the case of clogged toilets or burst water pipes, this information can help you avoid house flooding. If such issues arise, turn off the main valve, and call a professional plumber.

  1. Track wall-embedded water pipes

As mentioned above, you can never know how many pipes are embedded within a wall. So, if you try drilling or pounding nails without a thorough checkup, it can lead to pipes’ internal bursting. Thus, many individuals often try tracking the pipes first during plumbing in Canberra as a primary tactic. This is done by checking out the piping system through the home’s architectural mapping. If not possible, you can seek help from professionals. When hired, they use endoscopic cameras to determine the skeletal piping system. However, if you are not interested in spending extra money, investing in an expensive stud finder can also do the job.

  1. Know what to and what not to flush

Individuals often treat their toilets as trash cans, flushing every waste they want to get rid of. Although it can work out well for some time, you can end up with sky-high plumbing charges in the future. Toilets are specially made for flushing human wastes and nothing more. Their complex piping system makes them highly vulnerable if anything else is flushed out. The materials can clog up near the bends, or get stuck within the toilet itself, leading to an unhygienic environment. Hence, keep a trashcan near the toilet to throw anything you want except used toilet paper. The soft texture of the toilet papers makes them easily flushable.

  1. Properly use the kitchen drain

Another important tip to know while opting for plumbing in Canberra is to utilize your kitchen drain properly. Never put out coffee grounds, tea residues, food debris, vegetable peels, or bacon grease into the kitchen drain. They will only end up giving you a headache and ripping out money from your pockets. Properly filter the remnants before draining them. You can also read the manufacturer’s manual to understand what and what not to expect from the unit.

If this to-remember list seems not doable for you, consider calling an expert like Oxy Plumbing for your help.

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