Porcelain Tiles: A Guide On Where To Buy Them And Their Benefits


Porcelain ceramic tiles are the best choices when it comes to giving a house a new look at cheaper rates. However, owing to their popularity, many stores tend to sell substandard products by luring customers into buying products at low prices. But the catch is that the quality is compromised.

Trusting only reputable firms like Carreaux Metro is, therefore, the safest option to ensure that the tiles you’re buying aren’t sub-standard. In fact, Carreaux Metro liquidation does offer sale. The current sale by this firm is offering a slash of 70% on multiple tile collections.

A few things to consider in order to ensure that the seller is genuine are listed below.

  • Elite retailers like Carreaux Metro have a showroom alongside an online store where customers can physically inspect the products before making a purchase.
  • They offer a plethora of variety to choose from. There’s an amazing variety in color, shape, size, as well as thickness and pattern.

Now that you’re aware of the considerations that help in choosing genuine sellers only, it’s time that you learn about the stunning benefits of porcelain tiles in general. The best ones are given below.

  1. They Offer Exquisite Finish

Porcelain tiles can be polished, unpolished, as well as semi-polished. Some eye-tantalizing collections at Carreaux Metro that you must consider include the following.

  • Benton Polido semi-polished tiles Collection.
  • Alp Stone semi-polished tiles Collection.
  • Brick collection for a matte finish.
  • Buxy collection in matte for a 3D effect.
  • Chalet collection in matte for a wooden finish for a modern decor.
  • Mayfair glossy tiles Collection for a contemporary look.
  1. They Are Affordable

Not just that porcelain tiles are cheaper than real wood and natural stone, they end up saving money in a lot of other ways as listed below.

  • They reduce installation costs because they are easy to install.
  • They do not need frequent professional care. They can be cleaned with water and any normal floor cleaner.
  • They are dense; hence strong. Thus, their life is more than 7 years, depending upon how often you clean them.
  • They do not stain or fade so easily. You can simply wipe any stain marks from the surface easily.
  1. They Are Reliable

Porcelain tiles are water-resistant options. Besides, the unpolished ones have a least slippery surface. Which is why they are safe for bathroom floors. Also, porcelain tiles can be replaced individually.

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