Pros and cons of installing a sliding door wardrobe


If you are planning to get a sliding door wardrobe, you should know everything about its design. All furniture has its own pros and cons and sliding door isn’t any exception.

You need to consider both positive and negative factors before investing a huge sum for home interior.

The sliding door wardrobes usually have wheel and track on the door to open and close, unlike hinged doors that swing outward when opened. You can find various style options for this sliding doors, with the common design include doors made from two or more panels sliding behind one another that collapse as opened.

There are also many merits and flaws come attached with, such as frequency issue, ability to slide them when wheels are off tracks, etc. Basically, these are type of doors that require sliding rather than opening a door like hinge. They can be connected to only single track at the bottom or top, while two tracks offer more security and stability.

Read the advantages below to understand it further.

Space savings

Other types of wardrobes need enough space to even open the doors and hence, space constraint becomes the huge factor. The hinged typed door closets cannot be used comfortably for small or below average rooms, as the doors open outwards. This sliding door is the great choice for smaller rooms, offering lot of storage space to arrange your personal belongings.

Multiple style options

You can find a range of options for colours and materials; you can choose any style to make your home elegant and stylish, making your dream come true. You can naturally blend these designs with various styles.

Saves time

The factory made units are easy to install and saves lot of time for designers. Moreover, you can arrange your belongings in one closet, helping you to save time when finding things.

This type of wardrobe also comes with flaws, such as likely possibility for the doors to come off the tracks. This is very dangerous when you have kids around operating the door. This also can lead to potential damage to stored items and frustration, as you fail to open the door.

When we’re speaking about the versatility, functionality, utility, and other pros of wardrobes, there are some negative things too that you should be aware of.

Heavy construction

A sliding door wardrobe needs professional skills and experience; if you’ve been using hinged or traditional door closets for decades, then getting used to it always takes time. Moreover, the interior designers or carpenters needs to be experienced, as the installation methods comprises much more than nailing the doors with right wheels and tracks. Hence, you need to hire the professionals to get the job done.

Hard to open

As said earlier, sliding doors require heavy maintenance; the dust and dirt accumulation can house bacteria. Don’t panic – use wet cloth to clean the possible build-ups dusts.

Sliding door closet is the popular choice in home interiors of modern houses or apartments. Since the space is limited in most apartments, people are opting sliding doors. The combination of ease of usage and reasonable price makes it a great choice.  The sliding door wardrobes designs create a practical and beautiful interior for your bedroom.

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