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Your house is cozy and cozy, with your favorite things everywhere. Still, a house with lots of furniture and accessories can feel crowded. How do you ensure that you relax on the couch in a beautiful, but peaceful interior?

Basis = rest for more zen

A calm interior starts with the basics. In your living room, the basis means the color of paint on the wall, the floor, a sofa, cupboard and a coffee table. For these points you have to choose a theme. For example white walls, a wooden floor and furniture in white or wood color.Do you prefer a bright color on the wall? Try to keep the floor calm, for example dark tiles, and choose furniture that looks fairly neutral.

Spice things up

The next step is to choose your home accessories. Go for a color or choose a number of shades that go well together (pink and gray is a nice combination, but soft yellow and light green can also go well together). Use the best choices for interior design now.

Everyone always has items that have a color, but that you really need, such as books. You can sort these by color, put them in cassettes or place them in a cupboard with doors. This way they are completely out of sight and you keep the view of the cabinet quiet.

A calm view

  • Help. Because what if you have already chosen furniture, the floor and a color on the wall? In any case, try to get rid of all the mess (also called junk) and unnecessary things.
  • Stacks of magazines can belong away or in the cupboard, bottles of wine or other drinks in a rack and things like nail polish, matchboxes, aspirins and game controllers can be stored in their regular place. Do you have a lot of trouble cleaning up? Then read these tips. This will help you a lot in cleaning up.

Play hide and seek with yourself and your belongings

Out of sight immediately means that your living room looks calmer. Try to provide your cupboards with doors or put baskets in a cupboard. DVDs can be placed in a basket under the television and blankets for the sofa can be placed in a trolley under the sofa. The less you have to look at things, the calmer the view becomes.

Light in the living room

Light is also an important part of an attractive living room where you can buy a good rest. Do not opt ​​for bright spots in the ceiling, but for multiple mood lights. You can place a floor lamp near the sofa and a small floor lamp in the corners of your living room is nice. Candles also give your living room more atmosphere and it emits light. In addition, candles, for example with a nice scent, give a relaxing feeling.

The smell of home

We just mentioned it: scents in a living space can let you completely relax. Do you have small children or are you simply not a fan of burning candles, then you can opt for incense. You light these sticks, after which the flame goes out. The smoke that comes from the incense stick creates a nice scent. These sticks come in many different scents and are available in most household stores today.

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