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Tips in Living in an Apartment with Pets


Finding the right apartments for rent is already a challenge in itself. But, things can get even trickier if you also have a pet to consider. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an apartment dweller planning to have a furry companion or a pet owner searching for a new place. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

Inform Your Landlord 

It is not easy to find pet-friendly apartments for rent but there are many reasons why it is not a good idea to sneak a pet into your building that might even lead to eviction. If there is a clause in your lease that prohibits pets, talk to your landlord or agent. There are instances when they can make exceptions or let you have a pet for an extra fee. The additional payment might seem steep but this is much better than losing your entire security deposit. 

Warn Your Neighbors 

Before getting a pet or searching for apartments for rent, talk to the neighbors and ensure that they don’t have any issues with it. If some residents have a problem with having a pet around, even if you are living in a pet-friendly complex, it is best to work things out first. 

Consider the Personality of Your Pet 

When it comes to living with pets in apartments for rent, it is important to always consider your pet’s personality. A large dog with a mellow personality might be more suitable for apartment living than a small high energy dog that barks a lot. 

Manage Your Dog’s Barking Habit

It can be a bit tough to live in an apartment if your dog is not used to being around other people. These dogs might bark at every noise or go crazy if someone walks by the door. You can prevent this from happening by socializing your dog as much as possible. If you are out walking your pet and you see some neighbors, you can introduce yourself and your furry friend. 

If barking becomes a problem because it disturbs not only you but also your neighbors, you can try training your dog to be quiet. Close the curtains so he won’t be able to see outside. You can also make him wear a bark collar.

Give Your Pet Their Own Room 

Try giving your pet a private space of his own if possible. It would be great if there is a spare room although it is not always an option in most apartments for rent. If you don’t have a free room, you can designate a space exclusively for your pet. There are also pets that feel the need to be protected from repair techs, guests, and even yourself so you might want to buy a carrier or cage if necessary.

Give Your Pet Lots of Exercise 

Most high energy level dog breeds can adapt pretty well to living in apartments for rent provided that they get tons of exercise every day, such as play time outdoors. Large dogs require plenty of exercise like running around and playing fetch. See to it that your pet plays outside as often as possible.

Living in apartments for rent with pets is doable as long as you follow the tips above. 


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