Understanding Importance Of Balcony And Balcony Design


Who doesn’t like a balcony with a good view? Galleries are not an essential requirement of every household, but it is a requirement that we cannot resist. Rooms with balconies are thus priced more than the rooms without them. The balcony is mostly essential for ventilation. Having a balcony helps the place to be more ventilated. Even the beauty of the area increases ten folds with the addition of the gallery. A balcony with a good view transforms the beauty of the place. There are various aspects of a balcony which needs to be carefully concentrated on, to design a gallery.

A balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets, and the balustrade encloses it usually above the ground floor. There are various types of balconies, and it often depends on its structure and uses. Sometimes they are used for ceremonial purposes, like the St.Peter’s Basilica at Rome. In churches, balconies are provided for singers too.

Designing A Balcony

Balcony Design is not a science, although there is the devil in the details. The gallery needs to meet high structural and physical requirements.Any planning mistakes may lead to structural damage. Designing an apartment can be as simple as putting out a few chairs with any planning or forethought or one can carefully plan the balcony with different ideas to create a beautiful place. Designing a gallery also depends on their taste, but there are a few aspects which if kept in mind can turn a dull balcony to a beautiful one.

Firstly is the element of proportion. Proportion is the relationship in size between objects, and it is an essential consideration while designing a balcony. Percentage in sizes of the different furniture one may keep in the balcony can define how much space is left. Even keeping thinner furniture can save more space. Secondly, is the aspect of layers. To finish off any design; layering is very crucial. This is by adding throw pillows and even blankets, for example.Lighting is another critical point of this list of things. Proper lighting can easily make a place feel homey. So light should be put according to requirements and taste for proper balcony design.

To design a balcony, the first thing which needs to be in mind is the space. How big the balcony is mattered the most in designing. If a gallery has an area only for two people to stand, then it is not possible to keep any furniture on the floor. According to the space of the balcony, we can place the furniture or any other decorations we want in the balcony. Utilizing the area of the balcony properly and intelligently can bring harmony in the design of the balcony to give the most beautiful and most functional gallery. And thus improving, balcony design.

For example, if you bring a storage bench into the balcony, it gives the space double duty by providing both storage and extra seating. The size of the storage bench depends on the size of the gallery, but it must not take too much space which will make the balcony look small. It will also mean less space for the person to seat in the balcony. You can use pallets to give the gallery a different kind of design. Next, you can add an artificial garden in the balcony along with flower pots, to give it a more natural look. If the balcony still has enough space for a chair, then you have a second terrace with enough beauty to turn anyone’s head.

In balcony design, there are so many things to play with. There are accessories, colors, furniture, seating, and so on. Choose the attachment to your liking. Design a balcony precisely the way you want. Keep the aspect of proportion in your mind which will help you to maximize your potential from the available space. Go bold with the colors, paint the balcony with an intensity which makes you happy and comforts you. Try different seating too. Don’t always have to go with the old chairs, use bean bags, mattress, anything comfortable and pleases you. If there is enough space, you can add a bed also making it the most relaxing space. While designing the balcony, keep the structure of the gallery in mind too. You can use tiles too to cover the balcony making it more sturdy and comfortable. An overhead fan can also be fixed to increase the comfort of the gallery.


A balcony is very an essential part of our home, both from the functional aspect and from the aesthetic perspective. Proper designing of a gallery can give such a significant makeover from the dull setting of the usual balcony. It can be a garden, a place to keep your flower pots, or just a place to stand and enjoy some fresh air.

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