Pure wool carpet is an impressive floor cover once it involves supreme softness associated with an exceptionally luxurious feel underfoot. It’s deliciously heated in winter and extremely resilient whereas being esthetically pleasing. Even as we elect a snuggly wool jumper to stay ourselves heat on a chilly day wool carpet may be a fabulous nonconductor for your home serving to stay those energy bills to a minimum. 

 The natural waxy film on sheep’s wool makes it repel wetness that is why wool carpet is good for family homes wherever spills and change of state are inevitable.

 As a natral resource wool carpet is environmentally friendly and is additionally a natural flame retardant. During those early organic process years of your children’s lives, a pure wool carpet may be a safe soft and comfy floor for babies and youngsters to start crawl and walking on. 

ITC natural luxury flooring provides the best colors of carpet and they provide the best facility of working. Their customers are satisfied with their services. We must choose the best wool carpet.

  • Are wool fiber carpets durable?

 The durability of a wool fiber carpet is caused by a variety of things? The thin waxy coating found naturally-occurring in sheep’s wool offers stain resistance which means that spills can stay on the surface for a few times instead of leaky down amongst the fibers. As this makes wool carpet straightforward to scrub it’s less possible to incur hard-to-shift stains that take away from the carpets look. 

 But a well-constructed high-quality wool carpet depends not solely on the natural strength of sheep’s wool for its resilience however on carpet pile constructions that additionally create it troublesome for spills and stains to penetrate. This is often significantly true of a loop pile construction. Visit here to know more.

  • Are wool carpets made up of natural fibers?

 It is attainable to search out wool mix carpets that area unit made up of a mixture of wool and artificial fibers however carpets made up of 100 percent pure wool fibers area unit altogether natural. These carpet fibers area units made up of 100 percent sheep’s wool that has several lovely properties together with natural heat softness and crush resistance at the side of stain and wetness foul talents.

  • What makes wool carpets ideal for all climates?

 Pure wool may be an extremely effective nonconductor against cold temperatures yet as being supremely soft and comfy underfoot. Natural antibacterial drug and antimicrobial properties at the side of the fatty acids area unit found in sheep’s wool that inhibits the expansion of mold and mildew. This implies that wool carpet isn’t solely a perfect floor cover for cold climates however an appropriate product to be used in wet or damp climates too. 

Wool may be a natural flame retardant therefore from a security perspective its ideal in family homes in each extraordinarily hot and cold climate. 

  • How do I take care of wool carpets?

 Your wool carpet wants freshman for extended by vacuuming weekly. Within the case of spills or additional serious stains check that you address them as quickly as attainable.

 Strive victimization quandary and a clean artifact within the initial instance. Blot instead of rub the stain acting from the skin in to forestall the stain from spreading or the carpet from turning into worn down. Treating wool carpets to a radical clean a minimum of once a year also will increase their longevity. 

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