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11 Tips To Move Cheaply And Efficiently


As you turn over a new leaf and settle in a new place, it’s inevitable to incur huge expenses. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank especially when it comes to shouldering the cost of transporting your belongings. Here are 11 tips on how to move cheaply and efficiently — from starting early to renting out mobile storage containers.

Never procrastinate. Take note that packing itself takes time. So give yourself a headstart — don’t procrastinate and create a timeline to keep you on track.

Create a budget plan. Not only will you need a timeline to efficiently carry out your moving process — you also have to have a budget plan to ensure you only shell out what you need to shell out. How much should you spend on packing materials? Are you willing to spend money for professional movers or do you want to move on your own?

Choose your moving date wisely. Most people move around May to September. If you’re getting any kind of service from a moving company, expect that their schedule will be tight during this peak season.

Rent out a mobile storage container. If you’re torn between hiring moving experts and relocating on your own, try renting out mobile storage containers. In this more economical alternative, your supplier will deliver the storage unit to your area, you will do the loading yourself, and then they’ll pick it up and transport it to your new place.

Take an inventory of your belongings. As mentioned, packing will take up a huge chunk of your time. Declutter early on and take an inventory of your belongings and categorize them according to use. This will come handy later once you start packing, loading, and unloading your items.

Transport only what you need. To minimize the cost of moving your stuff, take only what you need and those with high sentimental value for you. This way, it will be easier for you to pack, and you’ll have to need less storage space.

Get rid of your belongings by selling them. If you want to have some budget reinforcement, turn your old belongings into cash by selling them via a garage sale or to local businesses/junk shops in your area.

Donate what you can’t sell. If you can’t sell some of your items, you can still make the step of getting rid of them more meaningful by donating them to charity or to your relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Save money on packing supplies. You can also cut down moving expenses by being resourceful with your packing materials. Get storage boxes from friends and neighbors or from local businesses. Use socks and towels to wrap glassware and other fragile stuff.

Label your belongings accordingly. Label all your storage boxes clearly so you can unload and unpack them more efficiently once you’re in your new place.

Ask your company for reimbursement. Last but definitely not the least, you can ask for reimbursement from your employer — especially when the move was prompted by your new job or new post. You’ll be surprised how much companies are willing to pay to cover their workers’ move — from the packing supplies, you used to the mobile storage containers you rented out.

If you need an affordable solution to make your big move less stressful and more efficient, check out our mobile storage containers at Mi-Box today. Contact us for more information.


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