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4 Ways To Strengthen Your HDB Door Lock!


Now that you have an HDB fire rated door or steel gate, what do you do now? HDB doors and gates can be aesthetically pleasing. While your main door can be attractive enough, it needs extra sturdiness. It is a must that your front door should be well-secured enough to prevent intrusion and forced break-ins.

Without further ado, here’s what you can do if you want to strengthen and secure your HDB main door:

Use digital locks

Acquiring a digital lock promotion for your HDB main door or gate is something you should consider if you want to amplify its solidity. If bringing keys to unlock the door lock is a hassle for you, digital locks are a worthy investment. It can provide quick access to you without having to bring keys. Every digital lock can be connected to a network and managed by an app running on your smartphone.

Consider biometric

If you have no trouble with your budget and want more tightness and sophistication for securing your home, consider getting biometric. Biometrics can provide a superior locking solution for any electronic door locks in the market since no one can steal or replicate your fingerprints. Biometrics is one of the most secured additions to doors.

Think about the key fob

Whether you have a laminated or fire rated door for your HDB unit, a key fob is a much simpler door lock you can use. A simple touch of a card or key can immediately grant you instant access. If you are thinking about the risk of being duplicated, then fear not! Key fobs cannot be duplicated. You will know exactly how many keys are there and who owns them.

PIN number lock

If you want a particular lock that is not also a hassle and is more accessible and affordable for you, consider getting a PIN number lock. Whether you are getting an HDB main door promotion or acquiring a gate door for securing an area, PIN number locks are an excellent choice!If you’re looking for an HDB door or digital lock promotion, visit Liminal for more info

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