6 Ways To Pair Your Eames Chair Replica With Different Rugs


The Eames Chair Replica is a cozy piece of furniture. It’s an icon of the midcentury era and was a veritable Crown Jewel in husband-wife duo Charles and Eames Ray’s collection. Over the years, it has spawned many unique variations but one thing about it always remains constant – people love creating cozy spaces with it, and nothing enhances this factor more than a gorgeous rug. So below, we’ll take a look at 6 ways to pair your Eames Chair Replica with different rugs:

  1. The typical rug formation

Everybody has emulated this concept I their homes at least once in their life: the typical square or rectangular rug splayed out between the couch and the accent chair. Well, it’s so widely used because it actually works! You can match or contrast the rug surface with the upholstery of your Eames Chair Replica and even go for texture in solid colored rugs. It’s conventional but truly classic.

  1. Pairing with natural fibers

Natural fiber rugs are one of the most affordable and organically beautiful rugs you’ll find in the market. They go really well with the midcentury style charm of the Eames Chair Replica. Their beige, khaki, and brown color schemes are sometimes printed with simple designs as well. You can place these under or beside your chair and see how the cozy-factor enhances two-fold!

  1. Contemporary geometric

If you want to go with bold contrast, then you’ll have to think outside the box with your rug selection. You can’t really go for typical shaped rugs for this technique. Go for something with bold geometric patterns and bright, colorful tones – just like the rug in this image. You can place it at the foot of your Eames Chair Replica to get the desired results. You can bring in some classy accessories like a floor lamp or an end table to enhance the look as well.

  1. Animal print rugs

Animal print rugs are absolutely gorgeous. They usually have uneven edges and are used to emulate accents in a bland or boring interior design. They’re an excellent choice to pair your Eames Chair Replica with. You can put your chair smack in the middle of the rug. Its gorgeous upholstery would naturally contrast with the texture of the rug and you’ll get a cozy little nook to relax in.

  1. Bright colors

Contemporary style rugs in bold shades, piles, and patterns are a great way to stylize your Eames Chair Replica with a modern twist. The oxidized piles, unique textures, and distinct colors of these rugs can contrast with the chair and spruce up its simple design. Since these rugs are usually large, you can carry out this technique with accompanying furniture in the living room or study area.

  1. Do the layers

Rug layering is an art form that can work wonders with your Eames Chair Replica! You simply have to be careful about what types of rugs you layer. The rug beneath has to be light in color so that it can contrast with the darker shade of the rug on top. You can place your chair on top of this formation and get the best visual results.

This is how you can pair different styles of area rugs with the Eames Chair Replica to get unique results. We hope these ideas inspire you to try out your own variation!

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