9 Tips to Battle Climate Change At Home


Due to extensive global warming caused by human negligence and its adverse effects on our ecosystem, countries are now pledging firmly to control climate change. Many conferences to curb pollution and fight climate change take place worldwide, but there is little action. However, the only way out of this crisis is citizens’ voluntary contribution to save the environment in whatever ways they can.

The need to control environmental hazards in the hundred most populous cities is detrimental in this pursuit. The first step should be to bring infrastructure development, transport system, and air and water treatment plants in compliance with modern pollution control methods. Furthermore, limiting the dangerous carbon-emitting industries and vehicles must be among the foremost priorities of environment protection authorities in countries worldwide.

Let’s elaborate on some of the most efficient tips to battle climate change in a personal capacity to set an example for others to follow.

1 – Prefer Vegetarian Diet 

More use of vegetarian food can contribute a lot to reducing greenhouse gases. According to Oxford University’s research, reducing meat consumption could shrink the GHG emission by half or even more. Therefore, if half of the global population begins to prefer a veg diet more and avoid deforestation associated with it, we can immensely curb GHG emissions. You can shift to a more organic and green diet. If you wish to add organic produce, then invest in growing a farm in your backyard. You can plant vegetables and grow fruit trees to get fresh produce within arm’s reach. It will not only provide you with healthy fruits and vegetables, but you can also benefit from the tree’s oxygen. However, it would help if you opted for tree trimming services, as doing it yourself won’t be a wise idea.

2 – Eliminate Food Waste

The most rampant crime against the ecosystem, and in some ways, against the unprivileged humanity, is the deliberate waste of food. Most commonly, either food waste happens by getting excess edible items rotting on our shelves or the food we waste at restaurants.

The best way to combat this grave issue is by controlling our urge to buy more than what we can consume. Also, we can think of ways to utilize the leftover food, especially by donating it to food banks or charities.

3 – Recycle

It is better to use the recycled products instead of exploiting natural resources in the form of forests and minerals. According to a global survey performed by The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), about 50 percent of the recyclable material comes from households. If we could take this contribution to up to 65 percent, we will likely prevent tons of waste. Kingspan Insulation is one of the best insulation brands which offer highest quality solutions for both residential and commercial projects and help effectively in saving energy

On the other hand, people must ensure that the process of recycling is efficient and fast. Otherwise, it will only cost more money and time without producing the desired outcome.

4 – Use Green Energy

The use of clean and green energy is the way forward in all spheres of life. By using renewable energy in our daily lives, not only could we avoid a whopping amount of Carbon emissions, but we also reap countless benefits. Renewable green energy is the most ideal and ultimate solution to curb almost every climate-related challenges that prevail today. The best way to pave the way for green energy resources in our society is by persuading our lawmakers to bring bills in this regard and act swiftly. Whether it is solar, wind, or hydro energy, all can produce efficient renewable energy affordably.

5 – Participate in the Process

To bring sustainable improvements at a national and international level, we need to take up the responsibility for bringing climate-friendly laws. It is crucial to choose our representatives wisely, people who are serious about addressing the climate issues, by bringing comprehensive policies that could make a difference. Steps to grapple with the disastrous environmental changes must be among representatives’ primary concerns on every forum.

6 – Divest

Excessive use of fossil fuels to meet the energy requirements causes the most harm to our climate. One way to limit fossil fuels and their expansion in the industries is to divest the money out of the institutions, which promote it exclusively. People should take up these issues on every forum and devise strategies to curb fossil-based energy investments locally and globally.

7 – Improve insulation

Improving insulation is a highly effective tactic to combat environmental crises. Besides its efficiency, insulation is also easy on the pocket. Homes that have better insulation could retain up to 35 percent heat inside their walls, which can save you big bucks as well. Thicker insulation in 50 percent of homes globally could help in avoiding approximately 8 Giga-tons of carbon emissions. These overwhelming numbers are equivalent to the overhauling energy used in the entire shipping industry.

8 – Replace Bulbs with LEDs

Making good use of LEDs in your household and office can save more than 80 percent of energy than mainstream incandescent bulbs and fluorescents. An LED functions by converting electrons to photons more efficiently, thus, reducing the overall heat loss. LEDs help significantly in cutting your electricity bills as well as maintaining a cozy room temperature. Also, their lifespan is greater than that of light bulbs, which brings you a long-term saving. A research carried out by International Energy Agency stated that using LEDs could help avoid approximately 8 Giga-tons of carbon footprint.

9 – Transform Carbon Transportation

Transforming the global transportation system is one of the most crucial steps that we should take to cut down on it. If we look at other agents’ contributions to Carbon emission, we find that transportation lists second in the race. More promising measures must be put into effect to reduce transport emissions, such as shifting to electric vehicles and using bicycles for smaller commutes.

However, overhauling the entire transportation system worldwide would need extensive planning and budget, which requires long-term planning and execution at government levels. On a personal scale, we can shift to a hybrid vehicle and encourage cycling among the younger generation.


The idea of promoting consumerism contributes drastically to the general climate change issues. Suppose we are to battle against the current environmental crisis. In that case, we must encourage the mantra of buying less, catering to our needs rather than unnecessary wants. However, all this could only become a reality if we contribute a bit to the more significant cause, as charity begins at home.

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