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How to Clean Your House Like A Pro?


The weekend is finally here, but you notice that your home needs some gussying up. Doing chores and cleaning the house is no one’s favourite activity. However, how would you react if you knew you can clean the entire house in about 4 hours? Even though you’re not a professional, check these tips on house cleaning that can help you master that skill!

1. Create a plan

Before you get down to business, you need to create a solid plan. Why is that important? By planning your chores, you won’t waste time on the things that don’t need to be cleaned. Plan an order in which you’ll clean the rooms. Create a checklist to make the process easier!

2. Stick to one task at the time

Without a plan, you also might get distracted cleaning multiple things at the same time, which will only waste your precious time. Instead, try to stick to one task at a time. For instance, if you started dusting the shelves, don’t think about vacuuming the floors until you’ve finish dusting!

3. Declutter before anything else

One of the most important things when thoroughly cleaning the house is decluttering. People sometimes hold onto the things they don’t really need. That’s why giving them away or donating them is a perfect solution for items you won’t use. Take some time to declutter things, but don’t get carried away with old things and memories!

4. Gather necessary equipment

When it comes to cleaning your place, you’ll need adequate equipment to complete the task. You may think that you have everything you need. However, you’ll need to think twice!

Do you have a suitable sponge for scrubbing the kitchen? Is the duster long enough to reach the ceiling? How many micro-fibre cloths do you own and do you need to purchase more? You might also need a couple of pairs of rubber gloves for different areas. All of these questions are essential if you want to clean like a pro!

5. Must-have cleaning supplies

Besides the gear, you need to think about the cleaning supplies for your home. Are the chemicals suitable for you? Pay attention to the materials you have in your home. Some require extra care, like the hard-wood floors, while carpets need to be washed properly.

Separate supplies are needed for kitchen and bathroom areas for grease and stain removal. On the other hand, you can’t use such strong chemicals on the dishes, windows or tables. So, purchase suitable cleaning supplies for each area in the home.

6. Establish a routine

You can’t expect to turn pro over the night. Even though it will take time to establish a most efficient routine, you shouldn’t give up. Before you try each method there is, we’ll make it easier for you to create a suitable routine for your home. Always start with the room with the most clutter. That’s how you’ll stay motivated to clean your home until the end.

7. Spray and leave

You’ve probably noticed how some rooms take more time to clean than the others. That’s because some cleaning supplies take a longer time to be effective. So, if you want to save time and be efficient, start with a kitchen and a bathroom.

Spray the cleaning supplies on your tub, toilet, sink, stove and oven, and let them soak. While the chemicals do their thing, you’re free to pay attention to other rooms in the house.

8. From top to bottom, left to right

One of the secrets many pros use is this cleaning technique. Start from the top left, and slowly move to the bottom right. Why is this a good thing? Gravity! Once you start dusting the top shelf or top corners, the dust will keep falling down. Therefore, there is no use in starting from the bottom as the dust will keep falling down.

9. Dust first!

Similar to the last tip, is this one. After you’ve removed the clutter, always dust first! Even though dust is all around us, there is no use in vacuuming the floors, let alone mopping, before you dust the tables, shelves, window sills and furniture in your home.

10. Don’t neglect the walls and frames

Believe it or not, walls and picture frames are some of the biggest dust and debris collectors in the entire home. Since we rarely pay attention to the walls while cleaning, a lot of dust can be found behind the framed paintings, wall light fixtures and even doors. To make your home truly shine, clean the walls, doors and all the art hung there.

11. Vacuum later!

After you’ve dusted the room, you can finally use the vacuum. Even though many people don’t pay attention to the type of vacuum they use, the quality of the cleaner is essential. Many old vacuum cleaners don’t suck in the dust but lift it in the air making it difficult to keep the home clean.

Besides vacuuming the floors and carpets, consider vacuuming your furniture and behind it! Cushions and couch can be great dust collectors.

12. Mop the floors

In the end, you can mop the floors. Keep in mind the type of floors you have in your home. A hard-wood floor requires a special kind of cleaning supply that keeps the floor shiny. On the other hand, tiles and lino require a different type of care.

13. Pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen

A lot of people find it extremely difficult to clean bathrooms and the kitchen. It can be a true nightmare for them. If you’ve sprayed the elements beforehand, it can be quite simple. Just wash and scrub the chemicals off.

Be aware of the bathroom floors. Mopping isn’t usually the best solution since you won’t be able to reach behind the toilet or between the tub and wall. So, use a wet cloth to wash the bathroom floors.

14. Change the sheets

If you’ve cleaned your entire bedroom, it’s high time you’ve changed the bedsheets. Since you’ve dusted and vacuumed the room, sheets and covers probably collected a lot of dust. For a good night’s sleep, wash them and put on the fresh ones.

15. Properly clean the windows

When cleaning the house, a lot of people neglect the windows. They either don’t clean them at all or create even worse smudges than before. So, to clean your windows like a pro, use clean cloth or newspapers to minimise the smudges!

16. Check everything out from a new perspective

Sometimes thoroughly cleaning a home can be difficult because you don’t always notice corners and areas where the dust is. That’s why checking out the entire space from a different perspective can be beneficial. However, not everyone has the time to rearrange the furniture and check every corner. Save time, book end of lease cleaning to make your house spotless.

17. Don’t neglect the scent

The last thing you need to take into consideration is the scent. Even if you’ve cleaned everything, you might feel the need to improve the scent of your home. Light a candle to make odd odours disappear, and admire how clean the house is.


You don’t have to be a professional to clean the home. If you develop a plan and a solid routine, you’ll finish the job in no time. Follow these tips for easier home cleaning and admire your beautiful house.


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