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A Guide to Finding the Perfect TV Unit for Your Home


Your living room is the social and entertainment hub of your home, so you want to kit it out as stylishly and comfortably as possible, right? Thought so! The centre of your home’s most entertaining room is traditionally your television, and unless your TV is hanging on the wall, you’ll need to find something gorgeous for it to sit on. Even though it might not feel like it, you’re actually going to be viewing your stand just as much as you’re watching your TV, so you should absolutely be choosing your unit or stand quite carefully. Here’s how to find the perfect one for your home…

Make your measurements

No matter what kind of furniture you’re buying, you’ll need to get comfortable with using your measuring tape. This is absolutely essential for understanding the space that you need to fill, the size of the unit that you need and for getting the right piece for your TV. First things first, the space. Take a look at the gap you have to fill if you’re adding to a pre-furnished room. If you’re furnishing from scratch, be sure to take measurements of the whole room.

Next, it’s time to think about the dimensions of your television. This is important for understanding the height and length of TV stand you can have in your home. Be smart and do the measuring yourself, the numbers on your TV’s packaging don’t actually account for the frame, only the screen. Once you’ve got the exact dimensions down you can start looking at your size options. Make sure that any stands that you’re looking at have around five inches room either side to accommodate for the widths of your entertainment system.

For height, you’ll want to do some measuring to get it right. You want the centre of your television to hit at average eye level, so measure yourself sitting on a sofa from the floor to your eye. A stand, plus half the height of your TV, should be the same number – if you want it to be perfect!

Consider the room’s layout

For an already furnished lounge, you will most likely already have a designated spot in mind. For those who are furnishing an empty room, this one involves a little more work. You’ll want the TV or entertainment system to be the focal point of the room if you plan on using your lounge for pure relaxation. To accurately establish the room’s direction, you should be considering the centrepieces first, which are your sofas! You can do this by physically positioning them or just sketching a few options out on a piece of paper. The right positioning will be balanced, comfortable and still allow for walkways.

Style considerations

Once you’ve done all of your practical, sensible preparations, you can start thinking about style! A TV stand is actually a great opportunity for some stylistic flair. If you love to keep things sleek and contemporary, opt for a minimalist style metal, Perspex or clean painted wood. Feeling more rustic? Opt for a worn, characteristic timber or a contrasting panelled, eclectic piece. Shopping within the overall style and feel of your home will lead you to the perfect stand.

Consider your storage needs

Your unit is a good opportunity for a little extra storage, should you need it! If you’re always struggling to find space for your odds and ends, remote controls and magazines, you should definitely look for a unit with drawers and cupboards.

Follow these tips to find the perfect piece for you! Shop for TV units in Sydney today.


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