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All You Need to Know about Solar Energy



For all the advantages a thing has, there come disadvantages with it too. Like a coin, every aspect of life has 2 sides, one is its pros and the other is the cons. This article is going to put some light on the two aspects of solar energy -One is its advantages and another one is its disadvantages. Listed below are a few advantages of installing a Solar panel at your place-

  • Electricity production

Solar energy helps in the production of electricity that can be used by households throughout the day. Nowadays even universities have started to install solar panels on their rooftop. No waste is generated and produced in the environment while the electricity gets generated through solar energy.

  • Cost-effective

Solar panels are something which is going to pay for them on their own after a few years of its installation, the only cost required to be paid by you is its buying and installation cost. After recovery of that cost, while not paying the electricity bill, you can end up saving a lot in the form of not paying electricity bills.

  • Availability in abundance

Sunlight on one hand is available in abundance, whereas fossil fuels, petroleum, had and other non-renewable sources are finite in their availability. If there are advantages, then there are a fair share of disadvantages as well that one can face. Listed below are a few disadvantages for the same-

  • Not reliable

It is not a reliable source of energy generation, in a way that it will only work till the sun does not set. After which you have to rely on the electricity which is generated from conventional sources of energy.

  • Initial Investment

Solar panels and other equipment like batteries and inverters require a high purchase as well as the installation cost. There might be times when someone cannot afford to get so much money at once. In this case, they would choose to get electricity from power generating units only.


Final Overview

There are a lot of Solar Company in Washington that make their customers aware of all the pros and cons stated above. We don’t realise how fossil fuels, petroleum, gasses are being used up very quickly. It is important to invest technology and time in the development of solar technology for a better future.

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