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Aspects to think before installing casement windows


Casement windows have become a popular selection amongst Edmonton homeowners. It enhances the house’s curb appeal and offers fantastic views of the surroundings.

Casement windows are recommended for places with beautiful natural views or a house that needs more sunlight. They offer many other advantages. That’s why they have become quite popular here, and many buildings and houses use this style.

However, selecting the suitable casement window and its installation may be tedious. There are several points to keep in mind for its appropriate installation. Moreover, the selection of the window can make or break your home’s outlook. Hence, it is essential to research and make the proper selection.

Casement windows help in enhancing the aesthetics and elegance of the house. But it has other features that you may not be aware of. Hence, hiring an efficient window installer is suggested to guide you through the procedure and suggest the right solutions.

Factors to consider while installing casement windows

  • Frame

The frame and sash are available in different materials and types. The sashes are pushed against the frame to develop an impermeable seal. It helps boost the window’s energy efficiency and doesn’t let cold air come in.

Thus, you should make sure that the frame and sashes are robust and withstand the glass’s weight. They should offer enough insulation during the cold season.

Also, solid sashes and frames can bear extreme climatic situations without warping. Consult a windows company in Edmonton and seek their guidance on the different options of frames and sashes.

Other than these, the locks and hinges should be robust to keep the windows closed even in bad weather conditions.

  • Low E-coatings

Though casement windows are highly recommended to allow sunlight inside the house, sometimes excess sunlight can be hazardous. Sunlight has UV and IR rays that can be harmful to your skin. Thus, it is suggested to select casement windows that offer sunlight and safety against Ultraviolet and Infrared rays.

From the various numbers of options present in the market, ensure to pick one with a low E-coating value. Choosing a low E-coating casement window will hinder the sun’s harmful rays and only allow good sunlight to come it. The UV and IR rays get blocked by high-performing low E-coatings.

  • Insulated glass

Selecting the right insulated glass for your casement windows is equally essential. Some manufacturers may offer glass by vacuum sealing several frames, while others may use argon. This relies on the area and material being used. Thus, make sure you choose proper glass insulation as it enhances the window’s energy efficiency.

Casement windows make any house look visually appealing and boost its energy efficiency. However, it is essential to keep these points in mind to enhance efficacy and functionality. Window Mart offers top-quality, versatile, good-looking casement windows for your home. You can consult our professionals to get the best advice for your window selection. So, go ahead and give them a call now and discuss the window requirements of your home.

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