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The first impression and thus the importance of the pictures in the listings cannot be overemphasized. Quite often you come across rental listings that include a picture of the façade and floor plan alone. Good pictures say more than a thousand words and have a huge impact on demand.

By late spring, our government chairman’s apartment had been vacated and a tenant had been searched without success for over a month. Something had to be done. You went to take good and bright pictures of the apartment and put it in the Tor as a new announcement. On the same day as the pictures were exchanged, 3 good applicants came to the apartment, all ready to take the apartment on the basis of the pictures alone, without seeing it. You can simply check this website  and get the best choices now.

How do I take good pictures of my apartment?

If you have a tenant in the apartment, ask them to clean the apartment before you take pictures.A good camera is easier to succeed. A SLR with a wide screen lens is the best tool for capturing your home. Of course, even a good camera phone can get moderate pictures.

Try to get as wide a picture as possible of the dwelling. You can often get the best shots by going as far to the corner as possible.If you fail, hire a professional. A professional photographer will usually charge you around $ 100-200 for an apartment. Photographs taken by a good photographer give an attractive view of the apartment to potential tenants. You can also re-use good pictures in future rental announcements and potential sales.

Set a suitable rental gear

Those looking for rentals home are very price-conscious so don’t set your rent fishing above market rates. Too high rent fishing is easily expensive in the form of an empty month. If you have just bought an empty apartment to rent or your apartment is empty due to, for example, a recently completed renovation, then in such a case, you might want to set your rent low or even offer the first month at half price. This will help you avoid wasting months. You can easily find the rental level.

Make the apartment pet friendly

A pet in the apartment will certainly pose a bit more risk to the condition of the apartment, but they can be resorted to, for example, by taking a 3-month guarantee from the pet owner. Most landlords do not want pets in their apartment, so this will open up the market to those who allow it.

Market in the right channels

Most favorite channels are Facebook rental housing groups and other social site. Both channels are free and effective.Using local Facebook groups you actually found the apartment tenant is currently less than an hour. You can easily find local rentals groups on Facebook by searching for: rentals in. There may be several similar groups in the city professionals recommend joining everyone and announcing them all.

Groups are also great places to study the local market situation. Following groups gives you a good idea of ​​what homes is doing and what they are not doing. In this area, for example, demand clearly exceeded the supply for studios and flats. Following the situation, you became enthusiastic about buying a small two-bedroom apartment in that city.

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