Finer Level Options for the Best Building Options in Plaster


Check and discuss with the builder the levels of the house in each room. When there is a difference in level, you need to pay more attention to the existence of beams that are at different levels.

Also buy, or get somewhere, some pieces of pipe that can be put on hold for piping and conduits. Only cheaper sewage pipes can be used so that hot and cold water pipes run through them; or one can already buy pipes to the same extent and specification as those that will be used – in which case, you will need to connect them to the rest of the plumbing using gloves, which will be dealt with later.Before concreting, check the hardware waits for the construction of the columns.


The subfloor plaster is the first layer of concrete that is thrown over bare ground to form what we later call the floor. It does not have to be very thick or very strong concrete, nor does it need to be absolutely smooth and level. At this stage it is necessary to carefully observe what the project defines as underground piping and take proper care for waterproofing. This step is pretty quick, about three days or so. You can click here now with the best.

Purchase all sewage pipes that run through the floor:

  • Drains, siphoned boxes, grease boxes, tubes, knees, gloves, manhole covers, etc.), with some caps of different sizes.

These caps are pieces in the same material as the pipes, which serve to cap them during the work. This is very important to prevent concrete and other dirt from falling into the pipes, which would greatly compromise the sewage outlets and cause constant clogging. It is also necessary to buy some electricity material: conduits (corrugated hoses or conduits) for the wiring, already sufficient for the masonry and plastering phases, electrical tape to tie conduits; and the material needed to make the home’s electrical grounding system, critical to preventing lightning from burning your refrigerator and your computer. It is usually sufficient to buy a few feet of bare 8mm or 10mm copper wire (commonly referred to as a strand) and three copper stakes.

The Better Deals

If this subfloor has direct contact with the earth, a good waterproofing tip is to buy scissors and canvas – yes that black canvas. But it’s not any canvas, no: canvas is made in different thicknesses and the most suitable is 20 micrometers (simply 20 microns).

It is sold in rolls, 4m or 8m wide, properly folded for easy transport, and you do not need to hire freight for it. You have to buy at least twice the size of the built-up area, because this tarp will be placed in two layers all over the subfloor and bypassing the baldrame beams on top.

  • And, of course, the construction crew will always find some other canvas application such as making a shaded stall or covering the bricks.
  • Check in advance the positioning of the power boards, telephone, communication and antennas, to pass the necessary underground conduits as soon as possible.

Define the gaps that will separate the rooms

They are not always in the project, and few things are as annoying as water running into the room when washing the kitchen, for example. The final level will be given at a later stage before laying the floor, but setting the levels here saves material.

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