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In contemporary refrigerators, you have more options than just getting a cold drink of water without having to open the door. If you have custom panels placed, your built-in may match your kitchen cabinets perfectly. Some refrigerators have a door-in-door design that allows customers to access commonly used items housed on the door shelves without having to open the refrigerator door fully. You can also open a refrigerator drawer and find pre-chilled beverages, kid-friendly snacks, and wine at the right serving temperature. Your food and you can rest in peace with the help of our refrigerator purchasing guide, which explains the difference between stated and real storage space, as well as which models create the least amount of noise.

When the time comes to buy a new refrigerator, we will cover all you need to know, from the dimensions you need to have on hand to the strategies for finding models that are still in stock, despite the pandemic shortages. We’ve put up a shopping guide for new household appliances that will help you go through all of the options available. For Miele Refrigeration it works fine.

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To save you time and money, we put the newest refrigerators through thorough testing, research, and comparison.

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Refrigerators may not have the same technical advancements as smartphones and laptops, but the producers of these appliances are always working on new features for them, even if some of those functions may seem like gimmicks.

  • Apps for discovering recipes, shopping, watching TV and listening to music have been integrated to certain of Samsung’s French-door and side-by-side refrigerators. Some of Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator models now include extra-large touch displays. Craft Ice is a feature that creates massive ice cubes for usage in cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Even without opening the door, you can see what’s inside your LG refrigerator thanks to a built-in window. GE even sells French doors that come pre-installed with a Keurig coffee maker. There are also refrigerators on the market that feature a door inside a door. For easy access to the door shelves, these refrigerators have a fresh food chamber with a door that swings open and a little outer door that swings open on top of that door.

As well as WiFi connection and a companion smartphone app, an increasing number of new models are being released. For example, if your refrigerator has cameras, you can see what’s inside while you’re out food shopping. However, there has been a reluctance to broaden the use of these skills. According to Consumer Reports, a nationwide sample of 2,036 persons (PDF) was surveyed in October of 2021 to evaluate the prevalence of smart refrigerators in the United States. Two percent of Americans have an internet-connected smart refrigerator, while four percent have an internet-connected smart refrigerator, according to the poll results.

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When it comes to CR members, the consumer’s option of refrigerator layout is not a gimmick in any way, shape, or form. CR members bought 64% of new refrigerators in 2020 and the first half of 2021 that were French-door models, according to the most recent study we did. It came in at a close second place with a 20% share of the market, followed by side by side versions, bottom freezer models, built in refrigerators, and top-freezer models.

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