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Among all the things that can be purchased online, you can easily buy and have poster prints online and delivered to you.

This is a turning point in art as many paintings that have immense value have been copied with fakes even selling more than the original. This is a huge disservice to the artist, the purchaser and to all art lovers.

To curb this, art has become one of the leading products sold digitally. This ensures that customers can easily contact the artist and have their original art pieces delivered to them.

How are artists selling their art online? Here are some of the avenues that artists are using to make the most of their talents.

Personal websites

Numerous artists have built their own online shops. This helps them reach the whole world with their art.

Personal online shops enable artists to build their brand and to gain a loyal following for their products. They can easily talk about their current projects, display their most exclusive art pieces and sell from their site.

This enables them to have control over their products and their earnings.

Online poster shops

Another way that one can buy poster prints online is through online posters shops. These are online platforms that display art from different artists and sell it on their behalf.

On these platforms numerous artists display their art and have it sold for them by the platform. The online service provider then pays the artists and takes a small cut for selling their art for them.

Online poster shops are like a gallery or art show for artists that never closes. With them, you can sell a single poster several times and as a result, artists are able to make money from their art at all times.

With online poster shops, the old story of starving artists is put to a stop.

Art galleries

Artists have been using art galleries for a long time now. Established artists hire out galleries to display and sell their work.

Art galleries are great places for artists to build their names and to have their work noticed. This opens other opportunities for the artist to build up on their craft and enhance their client’s book and their paycheck.

Working with individual or corporate clients

Another avenue for artists to build up on their talents is seeking out individual or corporate clients. They can do portrait art or create murals or specialized art for corporate clients that would require their services.

Having individual and corporate clients are some of the ways that artists are able to build their client network through word of mouth and from individuals and high publicity from corporate bodies for their work.

Working for charity

Many artists have built their reputation by offering paintings for sale whose proceeds go to a specific charity or course.

With their art, the artist is then able to raise a lot of money for the charity and also to gain a reputation as a good artist.

Why artistes are chasing sales online?

As seen here, a common trend for artist these days is to sell their art online.

Whether it’s a personal website or an online art platform, artists are selling most of their products online. Here are some of the reasons that have led to this phenomenon.

Worldwide communication avenue

Using the internet, artists are able to reach more than their local community. With social media platforms used for marketing, one picture or artwork can travel the world over as soon as the artist posts their work online.

Brand building

Great art works showed off online can enable the poster creator to build a great following and fans who love their art. This is a great avenue for them to build their brand and reputation for their style of art.


Buying poster prints online is a trend that is here to stay. With more and more artists selling their work online, the online art space is only aimed for growth.

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