Townhouse and Condo: Differences to Know


If you are new to the city, your greatest dilemma would be to determine whether you should be getting a condo or a townhouse. Although, both of them can be efficient options for you, choosing between any one of them can be difficult. Meyer mansion condos singapore and townhouses are the semi-attached and detached houses in big cities. Due to the low rent and less maintenance, both condo and townhouses have become extremely popular around the metropolitan cities.

The popularity of condos and townhouses have made it one of the most popular choices for real estate costs. The condo units are usually maintained by a separate condo owner or the condo corporation is responsible for managing the. However, the townhouse does not represent that of a freehold one bit rather the condo townhouse one.

Although they may sound similar, both condo and townhouse have certain differences between them. These include the following

Number of levels

If you have been to a condo, you already realised that the condos have only one level. On the contrary, the townhouses usually have multiple levels and floors. If you have mobility problems, you should be choosing condos rather than townhouses, as you won’t need to move around frequently.


Condos are less spacious, hence if you are living in a condo, you will need to make the most of the space. Nonetheless, since it is a small living space, it will be suitable for you if you are an individual. Comparatively, townhouses are bigger than that of condos. As a result, if you are a couple or an individual, condos may suit you the best, but if you have a big family, you will need to get in a townhouse. Also, make sure to check the floorplan to make use of each space available to you.


Condos such as Louis 14, being located in the center of the city, mostly are easily accessible. Moreover, they also have most of the amenities such as lobby, pool, gym and more. Therefore, condos are built for you to have fun and that you don’t need to move out in any case. Nonetheless, townhouses usually do not have most of the amenities and you would need to move out if you want anything.


Comparatively, condos have higher security than that of townhouses. Every condo unit or community had a parking garage and security desk in front of them. This is however not available in townhouses, for the security person loses access once you cross the first floor. However there may still be chances of someone patrolling around the building.

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