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In America, our day-to-day coffee is the one made with a strainer (paper or cloth), in which we put a few spoons of coffee powder, pour boiling water over it and ready. This is the recipe for American grandma. In Italy, coffee is the most used, it is one that every Italian is born almost knowing how to make even though, as in our case, making a good coffee, neither bitter nor watery, required some little secrets. You need to go for the best here now.

Today we will learn some secrets to prepare a delicious coffee, like an authentic one.

What is Coffee and why have It

Coffee is a very easy to use, practical Italian coffee maker that makes very good coffee. It was designed in 1933 by Luigi De Ponti at the request of Alfonso Bialetti (that’s why Bialetti is the name of the original brand of the coffee although many other brands appeared later).

It consists of practically two pieces (the bottom part where the water is placed and the top part, the coffee collector, from where the ready coffee comes out) plus the funnel and the filter. The coffee works under pressure. When the water boils, it rises, passes through the coffee funnel and the finished coffee comes out on top.

It is worth having one because it makes fresh coffee while in our method, we make coffee and leave it in the thermos. Of course, freshly brewed coffee is better.

Another advantage of the coffee is that it has several sizes, in fact its size is measured in the number of cups of coffee, ranging from 1 to 18. This reduces waste because you buy the coffee maker that best suits your requirements.

Another advantage is that coffee makes good, fresh coffee with less environmental impact compared to espresso coffee, which produces a lot of trash with those capsules.

Tips for making good coffee with coffee

If the machine is new, use it only with water a few times before making coffee. This coffee maker is like an old pot, the more used, the better. The first use must absolutely be done with water only. Put water on the bottom, put the filter on, close tightly, bring it to a low heat and let the water out. Repeat the operation and you can use it later normally.

When making coffee, there is no use exaggerating the amount of water or coffee. The water must not reach the filter (funnel), it must reach only the valve, without overcoming it (the valve is seen outside the bottom of the coffee).

  • Same for coffee, there is no use filling the filter. Put just enough to fill it without forcing it, without squeezing it to fit more. Close the coffee tightly so that coffee does not spill out during preparation.
  • Bring to a simmer. High fire makes coffee burned and bitter
  • You will know that the coffee is ready because the machine makes a peculiar noise. At this point, turn off the heat and wait for the top to fill with coffee and … ready. Sweeten to taste, in the coffee maker or in the cup.

Last, and not least, the coffee lasts for a long time or even forever but you need to change the filter (funnel) and the rubber that serves to close the coffee from time to time. These pieces are sold separately.

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