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Concrete Ideas for Your Oklahoma Home


A lush green backyard in your Oklahoma home looks gorgeous but you want to skip it as it is hard to maintain the grass. However, the grass is not needed to have a stylish and chic outdoor area. There are plenty of options to create a fabulous concrete outdoor area.

Dining area

A shady dining space in the backyard with different material and textures look stunning. Use a mixture of concrete and gravel pavers, paired with overhead wood slats and painted brick walls. It brings a contemporary fresh feel to your backyard.

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Outdoor living room

An outdoor living room with some suitable furniture can set a great hangout area. Use some plants and shrubs to decorate the gravel region outdoor. It will turn into an inviting cozy space!


Use pea gravel for covering the unused space in the yard to create a permanent fire-pit. Enjoy sitting around it with family and friends. You can even use a portable fire pit for the same look. Install a concrete seating bench, so there is no need to have chairs. Think where to install a fire pit carefully as it will be a permanent home fixture.

Pool surround

Gravel and concrete is a preferred material for pool surround. It helps to create a visual division between the seating area and the pool. The gravel offers an attractive texture to your backyard.

Wood & concrete

Never hesitate to blend wood and concrete. A sleek wooden deck with concrete pool surround looks gorgeous. Install an open wood fence that resembles deck-style without spoiling the surrounding view.

Plant pockets

You can smartly break a large concrete outdoor flooring space with small cutouts that hold shrubs and plants. It is a great visual breakout for eyes, as well as adds texture and color to the large concrete space.

Path with pavers

You can use large concrete pavers to build a pathway through a drought-tolerant landscape design with low stucco walls. It is a great example of mixing materials to make your backyard look great.

Concrete back porch

Create shade with sun sails in your back porch with concrete on the floor defining the portico area. The surrounding large outdoor space holds green shrubs, trees, and gravel. The space looks modern and open!

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