Costs to Be Aware Of When Purchasing a Mattress from an Online Mattress Store in Toronto


The state of your mattress significantly influences the quality of your sleep. Fortunately, replacing a mattress has been made easier for Toronto residents. You only need a Smartphone or computer to purchase a mattress from an online store in the comfort of your home. Besides finding a reputed online mattress seller, it’s also vital to know the costs you are likely to incur during the transaction so that you can have a seamless shopping experience that’s free of surprises. Without further ado, be on the lookout for the following costs when buying a mattress from an online mattress store in Toronto:

  1. Listed Mattress Price

Conventionally, the prices listed on online mattress stores exclude several other expenses. And the prices vary hugely, depending on the virtual store you are buying from and the type or brand of mattress you are purchasing. So, strive to compare the prices of several mattress store marana az before deciding on a particular one. You might be lucky to save incredibly from this simple action.

Some online stores sell mattresses at less than $100, but a budget ranging from $300 to $5000 will land you quality mattresses. Durability, size, and material composition also determine the prices of mattresses online. 

  1. Return Costs

You will want to return a faulty or low-quality mattress, but you ought to know the refund options of the seller. You may receive your money back or get another mattress shipped to you. However, some sellers require customers to pay a stocking fee for a returned product. The charge is usually 15%-20% of the product’s price. Besides, some companies offer trial periods whereby you are allowed to test your bed before deciding whether to return or keep it. Still, a company may charge you handling or shipping fees when you return the product.

  1. White-Glove Delivery Fee

Quite a arge number of online mattress stores offer white glove delivery services in Toronto. The online retailer delivers the mattress to your home, assemble it, and package the waste materials. Although the service entices most customers, understand that it comes at a cost. White glove delivery in Toronto can cost as much as $99.

  1. Shipping Fee

Shipping costs account for a significant percentage (at least 10%) of the total price of a product. Several online sellers offer free delivery for mattresses purchased from their stores. Conventionally, customers don’t have to worry about shipping fees when buying premium beds. Contrarily, assorted stores require customers to pay a certain shipping fee to get their beds delivered to their doorsteps. It’s good to confirm the shipping policy of a particular seller before confirming the order. You will also find that some stores set a threshold value for orders to be eligible for free shipping.  

  1. Foundation CosT

You might require a bed foundation to support your new mattress and preserve its integrity. Bed foundations come in various forms, including box spring, slatted, and adjustable versions. The least you can pay for a bed foundation in Toronto is $99.

Sufficient information keeps you away from making uninformed decisions when buying mattresses online in Toronto. So, it is advisable to be aware of the extra costs an online seller charges besides the prices listed on product descriptions. This way, you can be sure that no surprises will come your way when you hit the confirmation button on the order page.


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