Is it Hard to Change the Handles on a Sliding Door?


Sliding patio doors can represent an excellent addition to any home. Not only will they allow in an impressive amount of natural light, but their space-saving qualities are idea when dealing with more cramped environments. However, there may be times when you wish to alter their appearance through the replacement of existing hardware such as handles. Is this a difficult task to accomplish? Let’s take a look at a handful of tips so that do-it-yourself enthusiasts can tackle this project in no time at all.

What Tools Will You Require?

The good news is that the majority of patio doors will require more than nothing but a handful of screwdrivers and a standard tape measure. Keep in mind that both flat-head screwdrivers and Phillips heads versions should be present. As this website observes, there can be times when a flat-head screwdriver is required to pry the frame of the handle away from the surface of the door.

Removing the Old Handle

You will now need to loosen the screws found within the handle. This is generally a straightforward process and most handles are secured by two screws on the lip (the side of the door). However, some models might have additional screws found on either face. Loosen each screw progressively as opposed to removing one at a time. This will prevent the handle and the face plate from shifting their positions and causing the removal process to become more difficult. Once both screws have been sufficiently loosened, remove the lip plate on the side of the door. You will then need to grab both sides of the entire handle to ensure that one does not fall out. Gently remove both halves. They should normally slide out with a slight tug.

Finding a the Appropriate New Model

Now that the old handle has been removed, it is time for a replacement. However, we should mention that these handles are available in a number of different sizes. This is why it is important to take a few measurements once the old hardware has been removed. Be sure to record these dimensions using the tape measure mentioned earlier in the article:

  • The entire vertical length of the front handle plate.
  • The distance from the centre of the keyhole to the centre of the angle.
  • The total distance between the top and bottom screws on the side plate and the face plate (if applicable).

Take these to your local hardware store so that the proper new handle can be purchased.

Putting it All Together

Upgrading handles on sliding patio doors is a rather straightforward project if you keep these steps in mind. However, there could also be times when you wish to replace an entire door. There are numerous makes and models to choose from; ideally sited to meet discrete design requirements. If you are interested to learn about what is available, be sure to explore more or to speak with a representative from Swing & Slide

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