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Creating patinas using powder coating


Everyone loves the looks of age old antique places, buildings and items, when they come across anywhere. People, world over are crazy for different kinds of Patinas, and are ready to pay big amounts of money to get their kind of patina finish on their items.

You can get various kinds of finishes in the market, obtained by using paints and other chemicals. However, these patina finishes are not real and long lasting, and tend to lose their color and texture after some time, making the entire exercise a futile attempt.

Moreover, use of chemicals is not safe for people creating such effects and for children and people living close by. Today, you can create a large variety of patinas using powder coating through a novel technology developed recently, which is much safer for people living around, and lasts much longer than paint or other chemicals.

Can I use this powder coating technology to create my patinas?

No, this technology is not for use by amateurs or people with little experience in the field of painting. As per the company, this technology can be learnt only by people who have mastered the art of painting and has solid control over the gun.

If you are an experienced painter, you can enhance your powder coating skills through creating your own patinas as well by getting in touch with Maui Powder Works.

Do I need some training or is it some kind of color pallets?

This is a very high level of skill that painters can acquire after years of practice, but the company is providing training to some specific number of powder coaters and painters with years of experience and firm control of paint gun. The company’s master powder coater and the founder, wants to share his special skill with other professional powder coaters so that they can enhance their business and fulfill market demand for patinas.

What are the advantages of powder coated patinas over similar texture through paints and chemicals?

There are numerous advantages of using powder coating to create patinas as compared to paints and other chemicals. One of the advantages is that, while chemicals and paints take long to cure and take its final finish, you can create your own patinas using powder coating as it is ready for use once the coating is finished.

Another advantage is that while paints and chemicals give out a peculiar and bad odor for some days until the paint or chemical is fully dry, there is absolutely no smell from the powder coated item.

Paints and chemicals fade and look bad after some years; patinas created using powder coating continue to stay almost as new for a much longer period.

Patinas created through paints and chemicals do not look natural, but patinas created using powder coating look very natural and real.

Can I have my style of patinas created or do I have to buy whatever there is on the offer?

Absolutely, you can visualize and create your own patinas and get is made from the company. If you wish to know more, you can visit the company website.

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