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Design Features of Kaltra Dry Coolers


Kaltra has been a recognized leader in industrial air conditioning for over 100 years. It works with the most heat-sensitive equipment and has the experience that can be leveraged to meet the specific requirements of your data center. When completed, axial fans with a diameter of 630 mm are used, produced by one of the world’s leading manufacturing plants, which have the highest service life of the currently produced axial fans.

Kaltra production understands the value and importance of keeping your equipment running smoothly. They know how to align and maintain the right balance when addressing issues such as cost and environmental friendliness. They design their offerings based on the use of high-quality materials and offer the most advanced solutions that save your resources and make your life much easier.

Cooling is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Kaltra offers a complete package of services to keep your equipment in top operating condition, improving its performance and helping to ensure that your data center is performing at optimal levels. Trust your data center cooling solution to true systems experts cooling!

The main advantages of Kaltra dry cooler are:

  1. Reduced energy consumption.
  2. Reduced installation time.
  3. Reduced noise.

Highly efficient heat exchange grids for “dry” coolers are manufactured by one of the leading European plants for the production of heat exchange equipment. The production used smooth copper pipes with a diameter of 3/8 ”with a staggered arrangement. The lamellas are 0.1 mm thick and are made of aluminum and have a fin spacing of 2.12 mm. The heat exchange grid has four rows of pipes in thickness and 44 rows of pipes in width for models with one row of fans and 80 rows of pipes for the Kaltra model, in which the fans are located in two rows. 


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