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DIY Cleaning & Aircon Servicing – A Simple Maintenance


While most air conditioning systems look sturdier, they don’t last for a lifetime. In most cases, owners can expect AC systems to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or more, depending on how you look after them. We all want to enjoy the summer days relaxing at home with our AC system. However, you won’t have any respite and peace if nothing is coming out of the vents. One thing you’re left to do is to call a local aircon general servicing or specialist to fix the problem.

Knowing how to troubleshoot and clean your aircon can save you from a headache if you own one. You will help maintain its condition and performance for the coming months or years. There is no secret that most of these units are susceptible to heavy strain due to dirt and dust buildup. Hence, ensuring the cleanliness of their AC system is among the key responsibilities owners should perform. Otherwise, your AC system will not blow cool, fresh air when dirt accumulation is clogging the components.

DIY & Professional AC Cleaning

Cleaning your AC system is perhaps the most simplest yet effective maintenance you can provide. Why not grant the attention it warrants to ensure a lasting service for years to come? We all desire our investment to last. Now, you might wonder if you will ever need to call for an aircon chemical wash or cleaning service for maintenance. The answer is simply a ‘yes’. Don’t think of it as a way out or to slack off with the responsibility. There is a fine difference between cleaning the AC on your own and requiring an AC chemical wash service.

Most DIY cleaning (which you can do in the comfort of your home) helps reduce dust accumulation in your aircon system. You are less likely to encounter problems, such as amping up electric bills and less efficient aircon anytime soon.

On the other hand, professional aircon cleaning and servicing become necessary when you are opting for in-depth cleaning, which you would need to perform at least once per year. It is the best method as it combines proper cleaning and inspection tasks by qualified professionals. Since the cost of buying and installing an AC system is high, it’s worth investing in proper aircon servicing in Singapore by a well-trained specialist. Hence, understand that DIY cleaning is never a substitute for professional aircon servicing.

DIY AC Cleaning – The Right Way

When you are performing a DIY cleaning, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to have the essentials ready such as a vacuum cleaner, dry cloth, face mask, a pair of gloves and a sponge. You can use a soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning your AC system, most specialists recommend turning off your aircon and letting it dry for a few minutes before you attempt to clean. It will help the remaining inside to evaporate. It’s vital to read your AC system’s user manual guide. It will give you an insight into where to locate components, such as latches and for removing and attaching specific parts. Ensure you have the right AC cleaning tools at hand. If you don’t might want to step back and call for aircon general servicing then risk damaging your aircon.

When cleaning, ensure that the unit is completely switched off from its power source and use a plastic bag to cover the interior unit to prevent any floor mess with dirt. After you have done this, detach the front panel carefully. Afterwards, clean the filter by brushing its dust off. If any dirt lingers, you can use your vacuum for the job. Here are a few tasks you can consider performing:

– Cleaning the fins and coils

– Vacuuming the outdoor unit

– Removing the clog in the drain line

If you are looking for a professional aircon troubleshooting or chemical wash service, visit Coldway Aircon Service Singapore for more info.

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