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Do Moths Ever Bite Humans?


Moth holes in their clothes are very common to people. Fabrics that are kept in cupboards or drawers are eaten by moths creating holes in the clothing if the entry of moths is regular at their homes. If needed people can contact Moth pest control to get rid of moth. The pest controls can event prevent the moth from entering their homes.

Can Moths Hurt Humans?

Moths are not physically capable to bite humans. Most of the species of adult moths cannot do anything to harm human beings. Lepidopterism is a skin problem that is been linked to contact with caterpillars and very less found in adult moths.

To defend themselves against carnivores some moths have spiny hairs on them which can easily become lodged in human skin but they are harmless.

How Are The Fabrics Been Eaten By Moths?

Moths begin their life as larvae, they are then called caterpillars, and these caterpillars go under a metamorphosis process and emerge their wings. At this stage, they are called moths.

Moths at their young age as a caterpillar depend on leaf fibers of plants. When entered home these hungry caterpillar makes tiny holes in fabrics. Before entering their cocoon. These caterpillar moths are equipped in making holes in fabrics and eating plant fibers.

Some Unknown Facts Of Moths 

  • Insects such as moths and butterflies come under one order. These kinds of insects can be identified with their scaly wings which emerge when they are adults.
  • A huge number of adult moths don’t have mouths so they are incapable to bite anything, so there are no questions of biting humans. Mostly they don’t even sting.
  • Most of the moths are nocturnal and that’s the reason they are seen on outdoor street lights in the evening.
  • Caterpillars are the creatures responsible for making tiny holes in your clothing. These young moths can not only eat fabrics but some of them can cause skin problems in humans
  • Adults’ moths use a long straw-like organ to drink liquids like nectar. They cannot eat anything
  • Most kinds of moths are poisonous only if they are consumed.
  • Lepidopterophobia is a phobia caused by the fear of moths.
  • If asked how long does moth liveThe answer is a maximum of 90 days. Some even die in 30 days

There are 165000 moth species in the entire world. Among which very few are capable to sting humans. Moth larvae can eat your clothes but when it comes to biting moths are incapable.

Even though moths do not bite it’s better to keep them away from your house. They may cause skin irritation in the worst cases.

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