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Everything You Should Know About Sod Installation


Installation of sod needs you to pay a lot of attention no matter if you are laying it on an old lawn or in a new one. But, sod installation can be effective only if it is done properly. Hence, there are a few things you should know about sod installation before you get it done. Read ahead to know more:

  • Be careful about the measurements 

Sod can be availed in different rolls as well as large rectangular and square sections. They have to be trimmed to be brought to the perfect shape and size. With improper measurements, you might end up with a messed up result because some parts will overlap each other whereas some might have gaps in between.

  • Preparation of the soil 

Before sod installation, you will have to prepare the soil in the right way. Eradicate all accumulated debris in the area and then level it up with the help of a rake. The soil must be an inch below the driveways and sidewalks. You can make use of a lawn roller for levelling up the surface of the soil and provide the right amount of water.

  • Install the sod properly 

While installing the sod you must take proper care of the various sections to prevent the overlapping of sod. Gaps can increase the chances of weeks to grow amidst them. You can use a knife or any other sharp tool for fitting the sod in the edges. Don’t forget to irrigate the sod thrice a week for the roots to grow quickly.

  • Keep the sod moist 

Before installing the sod as well as after installing the sods require to be kept full of moisture. It can dry out fast and you will end up incurring a great loss. You must avoid mowing the lawn instantly. Instead of mowing, you can wait till the development of roots in the sod.

These are some effective tips that can ensure that the sod installation in your lawn is done most satisfactorily. Hiring lawn maintenance services can help you in getting the sod installation done right.

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