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Few Signs of Rodent Presence In Your Property


Often rodents can make your life miserable if there are a good number of them present in your home. Normally, their teeth are sharp and strong like a razor and can easily chew through your walls, electrical wiring, utility piping, and practically almost anything else that they like.

Mostly their bodies are dirty and can spread bacteria wherever they move that can easily make your household members sick. They love the items like raw meat, dead creatures, and rotten food and can be host to several dangerous diseases.

You must immediately call an exterminator Norman OK whenever you notice any sign of their presence on your property. The following few signs will confirm their presence in your home.

1.   Gnaw marks, holes, and electrical outages

These rodents have very sharp teeth and that drives them to chew constantly. Look for any signs of chewing in your home creating holes on your walls, doors, and food boxes, electrical outages, and gnaw marks on furniture.

2.   Grease marks

Particularly rats have greasy fur and they prefer to hug walls while traveling all-around your home. This will leave distinct grease marks while running along baseboards or floors.

3.   Late-night pitter-pattering

Usually, rodents are nocturnal by nature hence during nighttime you will hear them scampering about. You can hear their scratching, running, and gnawing sounds coming from the wall and also ceiling voids at late night.

Call pest control Norman OK to take immediate action to eradicate them so that you can get good sleep at night.

4.   Droppings

You can easily find their urine and droppings almost anywhere in your home. Few obvious places to check will be around areas where you store your food, inside drawers, behind your storage shelves, beneath your kitchen appliances, along the walls of the sheds and your garage.

5.   Nesting Materials

Rodents can build their nests almost out of everything around your home. If you notice ripped-up paper, insulation, or fabric, then it is a very good sign that rodents must be somewhere very close by.

6.   Cracks in your foundation

These rodents can easily slip through cracks present in your foundation as small as ¼”. Their bodies are collapsible and can squeeze into any spaces that you may not even think of. Usually, cracks happen due to the ground settling and cause the foundation to shift.

7.   Broken or torn vents

Different vents offer them a crawl space and these rodents often nest there and cause plenty of noises. You can hear their movements, particularly at night and their presence will be confirmed with torn vents.

8.   Unsealed utility pipes

Mostly utility pipes and other plumbing may not be completely sealed where they can meet the exterior of your house. They are skilled climbers and can use those gaps around piping and enter your basement.

Don’t live with these rodents as they can cause a lot of harm to your property and also chew away from your important papers. Go for a complete pest control OK and call their professional for the eradication of rodents from your property.

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